Write Me A Story !

Humans are story-telling creatures.

Answering, “What did you do at work today?”, is story-telling just as much as a thousand-page novel is.

I spent quite a bit of time in my picture files to find the image up there.

It “spoke” to me…

What does it say to you?

Write me a story in the comments, o.k.?

Anything from an entertaining caption to a full-blown work of literature !

4 thoughts on “Write Me A Story !

  1. A look of guilt quietly takes form in the deep brown eyes, as I snap this photograph, the little girl bursts into tears at the loss of her hard won icecream cone.

    Great site, thought I would chime in here lol.. Fantastic photograph. Can’t wait to hear the true story..

  2. Cool, Stacey !

    I can’t wait to hear the true story, too.

    It would be way weird if the photographer saw this blog and actually did reveal the circumstances, eh?

    ~ Alex

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