Path Toward Peace

Path Toward Peace
The following Steps were gleaned from the book
Peace: More Than An End To War:

Step One: Inducing the will to act
Step Two: Eliminating Racism
Step Three: Preventing economic disparity
Step Four: Fostering altruism & philanthropy
Step Five: Eliminating unbridled nationalism
Step Six: Eliminating religious strife
Step Seven: Eliminating the denial of the equality of women & men
Step Eight: Eliminating ignorance & lack of education
Step Nine: Resolving the impediments induced by the multiplicity of languages
Step Ten: Two Wings of Progress: Material Achievements and Spiritual Perfections
Step Eleven: The Power of a Moral Character

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25 thoughts on “Path Toward Peace

  1. I don’t usually like these kind of sites but this site is a breathe of fresh air. I like the recognition of peace stompers and how to recognize them and overcome them. Yes it takes work and effort. But the satisfaction of contributing to peace is great.
    Thanks, Bruce

    ps don’t forget to stop at IPeace

  2. Bruce,

    Thank you for such an encouraging comment!
    I’m a member at mepeace…
    I hope you will read and comment on the remaining eight posts in my Path Toward Peace series !!

  3. actually i have just one request/advise/notion :

    would it be an idea to start any list by number zero/0 and end it up by that one too?

    a list of 11 items as this one would change to 13 items that can work as a begetting wheel on deep down human soul level … between “the pelvis”

    namasté s’ace / holland

  4. Hi Alex … you have done a wonderful job of laying out the steps on how to achieve peace. I will be reading and trying to keep up with it! Keep up the good work!

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  6. Hi Alex,
    very good, inspiring and neccessary idea to talk about such
    theme. Of course since the whole world will accept all those thoughts it needs time. We all have to work little by little towards such finality, like it is thought in buddhism “If I help the people which are mature to such a perspective they’ll help others the next time, and slowly the world begins to change”.
    Lets say it with Ghandi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

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  11. alex,

    on 9 11(x2) i told a thing on 0 / zero to be added to the list …

    the list of 1234567891011 changes to 012345678910110

    now let us change the digits by characters (imagine that people resonate to numbers however stand up as characters;-) :

    ABCDEFGHIJKLM <= 1 to 13 (2 zeroes result in AM 😉
    i AM : is equal to 8 00
    you see that i is 8th here and 9th in the list of essences/meanings

    then the other half of 26 characters in the alphabet(hical standard) are:

    NOPQRSTUVWXYZ <= 13 to 1
    here the notable crux is …
    N to Z marks a rotation of 90 or 270 degrees
    which is about a force phenomenon
    that is actually very programmed in the TORSO
    the body vessel of each human …

    imagine a man as a 90 degree and the female as a 270 degree “spiralled” body , hmm that is odd …

    okay, maybe one is 3 fold shifted in angle of 90 degrees from top to bottom and the other one from bottom to top ; or both vortex movements took place a the same time however the red/blue load was contra …

    complex or catalysed by 90 – 180 – 270 degrees as intervals between 0 and 360 ; similar to the opposite 270 – 180 – 90
    :{ actually de-mystifying the natural co*plemantary movements }:

    Getting a range on the 0-1-…11-0 list (AM):

    i use MoonToneLabels as an exercise:

    (left out 9 labels to simplify)

    here the 2 zeroes are Magnetic and Cosmic …
    which one is the Weak and which one the Strong Force?

    or are they entangled by one another and so to be understood as 0 / zero – or even better 00 – 2 zeroes … which is about the 8 – horizontalized

    ix ik :: moon1
    bolon ik

  12. then … what could be the 0 in your list of 11, alex?

    when i refer to the MoonTone Matrix of the LawofTime / ValumVotan …

    then i see the essence PurPose, power Unify, action Attracting …

    which in y’our context i would refine to:

    Pure Pose , UniQueote , Co*tracting

    as a mediated attitude / “praYear”


    you might come up with a key on the 2nd 0 / zero … which ends up the list … co*plemental to the first one i initiaTed …

    namasteY s’ace

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  14. I’m intrigued but found nothing to help in understanding the comments from S’ACE. Also Ravenscawl. Did I miss an introduction?

    I think there might be interesting ideas to explore but wonder about contriving meaning by applying a system over/atop one that it was never meant to be matched with.
    And does this really lend itself to awareness? Is it just a fun game to toy with? Or am I missing something?

    Thanks for replies and guidance…

  15. hi Rose …

    i was not here a while …

    you do not understand my talking the walking …

    will you put a first Question as a starter …

    you might be interested in the website here linkeD

    namasteY s’ace

  16. On your steps to Peace; in my opinion ‘racism’and ‘nationalism’are both facets of essentially the same thing, that which causes people to identify with a particular group. Progressively the circles of belonging widen from’me/I’to’us’firstly family (if we have such)then to encompass ‘schoolmates’ or ‘clan/tribe’then to those who ‘look and speak like me’, ‘my nation/people’ and finally all humans.

    • Hello, again, Phil 🙂

      I just “met” you as a follower to my new blog, “Notes from An Alien”. This blog is “old” but the posts are, I feel, still relevant.

      I agree that the prejudices of race and nationalism are in the same family…

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