This Blog Is Now A Book !

our_evolutionYep, all 314 posts from March 6, 2008 to August 30, 2009 and the book ended up being 789 pages!

I produced the book for absolutely no cost…

I started with BlogBooker which downloaded the blog into a PDF file…

Then, I used Lulu to upload the PDF and convert it into a print-ready file, with color cover and all…

Lulu lets you add whatever royalty you want to their basic costs to print the book when someone orders it—Print-On-Demand…


Since the book was 789 pages, Lulu could only produce it as a hardback; and, since the blog (and now the book) has a picture for each post, it had to be a full-color book…

So, I only added $4.00 as a royalty…

You can download it at Lulu for $5.00 or order the full-color hardback for $177.80… Ridiculous, right?

Plus, the download is much better because you can click on all the links and they pop-up in your browser…

Just for the fun of it, and so you can see what one of Lulu’s sales pages looks like, here’s the link

I suppose $177.80 for a 789-page full-color hardback is “reasonable” but I think the most important part of the whole process is that I took a blog and turned it into a book available for sale for not one penny!!

Also, I’d previously published a 305-page, black-and-white book in paperback (8.5×11) and their base cost to print was only $13.00…


Since, no matter how good this blog has been, no one should pay that much for it, you can download the book for free  right here… Since it’s a large book, give the file a few minutes to prepare itself for download…

Spiritual Quote:

“We have said in the past that one word hath the influence of spring and causeth hearts to become fresh and verdant, while another is like unto blight which causeth the blossoms and flowers to wither. God grant that authors among the friends will write in such a way as would be acceptable to fair-minded souls, and not lead to cavilling by the people.”
Bahá’u’lláh in the Compilation, Writers and Writing

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8 thoughts on “This Blog Is Now A Book !

  1. Thanks so much!!!!! I commonly like to save interesting posts to refer to later, this is so convenient. It is also organized so nicely, it’s easy to browse to a specific topic.

  2. Time is God’s way of keeping everything at once,when you have eliminated the impossible,whatever remains must be the truths,consience is a man’s compass,congratulations..on a remarkable piece of writing all in one book,despite all your’e trials and tribulations you had gone through in recovering of you’r illness,with a non stop of all of you’re great writings.!!!

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