“How many are My servants whose deeds have become veils between them and their own selves, and who have been kept back thereby from drawing nigh unto God, He Who causeth the winds to blow.”
Bahá’u’lláh, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts

This blog has 322 posts…

I mention that because this blog will live as long as the Internet exists; and, the way things are looking, that will be for a very long time…

I also mention the number of posts because I’ve worked very hard to make each of those posts worth reading for as long as the Internet exists—each, even if about a particular topical event, has spiritual principles expressed which never die…

I won’t be writing any more posts on this blog (I’m working on my memoirs…) but the blog’s usefulness won’t cease…

There’s a search box in the right panel…

Put some words of interest to you in the box and read the posts that come up…

I guarantee you’ll find wisdom—wisdom I don’t have—wisdom in the words I chose to include from others…

Go ahead…

I dare ya…


8 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. Determinded poeple engage consistently in new thought,sometimes making difficult choices,they view challenges as invitations to grow,expand their experience, and deeper their wisdom.Thank you my friend for all the great posting of youre wonderful work..a small comment included about faith as well.
    Faith is a mover of mountains.!!

    Please continue when time allows,to reach many poeple who are committed to living abunantly and making a difference in the lives of others,if I may made a difference in my life through all youre wonderful great writings.
    Thank you Alex.!

  2. Dear Alex, I read this with tears in my eyes. You really did and do put so much care, thought and wisdom into what you do. You also have been and will continue to be a great inspiration to me. All our shared thoughts and kindnesses and all of your encouragement that came from your generous heart are part of me now. I admire your great courage, deeply caring heart and wisdom. All beautiful. Hugging you, Robin

  3. There seems to come a painful time with many projects where we just have to “move on”… guess that time has come for you and this blog?

    A shame, but I certainly can’t point a finger… as I have had to make similar choices in the last year, similar in that I chose to lay down projects that others perhaps still saw value in.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. Dear Alexander M Zoltai,
    Thank you for your hearty words. I bow to you and enjoy your faithfulness and perseverance in sharing the light. I see each your verse as the challenge – as the precious healing that enables me to free oneself from all temporal worries and to uplift my eyes to God again.
    Each time I read your posts, it seams I hear the God Himself, Who wonder why did I forget His Omnipotence.
    Thank you for the help not to fall asleep. Thank you for the priceless guard of my mind from the mourning of my blind ego.

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