Moving . . .


Tomorrow is my day to pack (not too many possessions).

Wednesday, I pay up the first month’s rent.

Thursday, I move from the yellow marker at the bottom of the map to the yellow marker at the top of the map.

A short, easy move for space and time.

Exciting since I’ve been so isolated for nine months and I’ll be hanging out in my new coffee house working on my laptop.

Anxiety-inducing because I’ll be on the Hep C drugs till the end of April and they help make exciting things anxiety-inducing.

Fact is, it could take from two to six months for my body to rid itself of the drugs.

I’ll be taking Whole Food Supplements as my first step toward better health…

Hello world!


I’m just finishing a long and grueling medical treatment.

I’m moving back out on my own.

I’ll be hanging out in a groovy coffee shop with my new computer.

I’m going to start a business that offers Whole Food Supplements (I’m also going to take the supplements to get me back to prime health after this horrible Hep C treatment…