Youth ~ Yes They Can !

youth_yes_they_canYouth have been mostly overlooked when adults consider solutions for critical problems.

Some typical responses are:

“They don’t have the experience or maturity to deal with major issues.”

“All they care about are watching videos and texting each other.”

“Youth? Their major interest is sex.”

“Help the world? Are you kidding?!”

Well, I happened on a video that shows a group of youth doing what most people consider an adult occupation.

In fact, they’re doing it just as well as the adults.

Mature? Capable? Informed? Organized? Disciplined?

Yes They Are!!!

Spiritual Quote:

“In spite of the encircling gloom….There are many notable signs of the awakening now in progress. Men and women everywhere, and the youth of both sexes in particular, are devoting their energies to the service of great ideals.

“National service in itself is a training for the reconstruction which must take place in the world…National service is great, but world service is greater.
Lady Blomfield, The Chosen Highway , p. 3

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