Angels of Snow and Fire

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Having been a spiritual seeker for most of my life, I’ve found the words and signs that seem to be contradictory to be the most meaningful.

That’s not to say I can necessarily give a rational explanation of the intense feelings such concepts stir up…

One of my favorites

and one I’d appreciate your comments on is:

“But for the burning of their souls and the sighing of their hearts, they would be drowned in the midst of their tears, and but for the flood of their tears they would be burnt up by the fire of their hearts and the heat of their souls. Methinks, they are like the angels which Thou hast created of snow and of fire.”

Bahá’u’lláh, Prayers and Meditations by Bahá’u’lláh, p. 157

Here’s the full prayer . . .

New Interview

Anna’s Wisdom

Peopleized by: amzolt – Sunday, 27 April 2008


Anna is a very special person. A poet who can break every rule while she’s creating new “rules”. A soul-glowing friend who has the voice of an angel !

amzolt: How long have you been writing?

flameoflife: I have been writing since I was thirteen years old. At least that is when I began writing non-stop. I would say about eleven years total.

amzolt: Is it mostly poetry?

flameoflife: I am more comfortable with poetry. Though…I am working on a novel.

amzolt: When were you first published and in what form?

flameoflife: I was first published at the age of fourteen via a self publishing company. I would call it a vanity press which fortunately though at the time was offering a free publication for the duration of one month. The book was entitled Embraced and it was a paperback of poetry.

amzolt: What makes you write?

flameoflife: The flame that sparks the pen.

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