Social Media – So What?

social_mediaNot really sure what all the hype is about?

Twitter… FaceBook… Plurk… Jaiku… LinkedIn… Bebo…

So What, you say?

Watch the compelling video, Social Media Importance Explained, on the WebSite Un-Marketing and you just might see a phase-change coming in how humans live on this earth…

Spiritual Quote:

“Increasingly, globalization assumes political, social and cultural dimensions. It has become clear that the powers of the institution of the nation-state, once the arbiter and protector of humanity’s fortunes, have been drastically eroded. While national governments continue to play a crucial role, they must now make room for such rising centres of power as multinational corporations, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations of every kind, and huge media conglomerates, the cooperation of all of which is vital to the success of most programmes aimed at achieving significant economic or social ends. Just as the migration of money or corporations encounters little hindrance from national borders, neither can the latter any longer exercise effective control over the dissemination of knowledge. Internet communication, which has the ability to transmit in seconds the entire contents of libraries that took centuries of study to amass, vastly enriches the intellectual life of anyone able to use it, as well as providing sophisticated training in a broad range of professional fields. The system, so prophetically foreseen sixty years ago by Shoghi Effendi, builds a sense of shared community among its users that is impatient of either geographic or cultural distances.”
Commissioned by The Universal House of Justice, Century of Light, p. 132

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5 thoughts on “Social Media – So What?

    • “You are today where your thoughts have brought you”

      And, most of my thoughts were not stimulated by Social Media…

      “you will be tomorow where your thoughts take you”

      But, now that I’m heavily into Social Media, my thoughts can take me to some very New Spaces!!

  1. Well said,the Media tells poeple only what they are told ,
    not the whole thruth.
    Experience that eternal moment of freedom of mistaken for emptiness.

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