Love Lost…



The most valuable yet misunderstood Power in the Universe…

Where do we find it?

Where does it find us?


‘Tis said, God is Love…

So, why do we, created in God’s Image, so often have love go wrong…?

What’s Your  Image of Love?

Enjoy this song—Exuberant Music, Tragic Lyrics…

By the way, the Lady and the guitarist in the blue plaid shirt are married…

There’s Some Techie Issue–So, Just click the Video, Then Click “Watch on YouTube”…

Spiritual Quote:

“I am lost, O Love, possessed and dazed,

Love’s fool am I, in all the earth.

They call me first among the crazed,

Though I once came first for wit and worth…

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Memorials of the Faithful, p. 22

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4 thoughts on “Love Lost…

  1. My image of love, or better yet, my relationship with love is with something so great that it encompasses all things…and still loves, no matter what. It soothes and forgives. It holds no judgment to begin with. It is a love so vast that when felt I know I am safe….no matter what. My image of love is endearing, enduring and infinitely sweetly compassionate.

  2. Yes, dear Alex, I agree. That is exactly what it is. And once fully embraced it is with us forever. It is with us from the beginning, but we humans don’t often realize this. If we did we would have no wars, no hate. We would simply love and embrace each other as we would see the Divine in everything we looked upon. Hugs, Robin

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