Global Day of Action


Our last post alerted folks to the Global Day of Action on July 25th—United for Iran—when people in over 100 cities around the world stood with the people of Iran in their hour of need—their struggle to have their voices heard, their votes counted, their rights protected…

Here are just a few of the videos of this Global Day of Action
from the United for Iran  site:

CNN covers Berlin and London:

Shirin Ebadi, first Iranian to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, human rights activist and lawyer
(after the introduction there is an English translator…):

U2 sings for the Iranians:

Spiritual Quote:

“Bahá’u’lláh…has said, and has guarded His statement by rational proofs from the Holy Books, that the world of humanity is one race, the surface of the earth one place of residence and that these imaginary racial barriers and political boundaries are without right or foundation. Man is degraded in becoming the captive of his own illusions and suppositions. The earth is one earth, and the same atmosphere surrounds it. No difference or preference has been made by God for its human inhabitants; but man has laid the foundation of prejudice, hatred and discord with his fellowman by considering nationalities separate in importance and races different in rights and privileges.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 232

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6 thoughts on “Global Day of Action

  1. The events around the world in support of Iranian People on Saturday July 25th were truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing these videos and for the awesome map.

    • You’re very welcome WellWisher! The map is from the United for Iran site.

      This day inspired me because it spotlights the evil of nationalism when it uses the concept of sovereignty as a cover for human rights abuse…

  2. Often due to media we only hear about all the horrendous things happening in the world. And there ARE a lot of horrors taking place all over the globe, BUT there are also SO many good good people…all the people who spoke out or stood up for the people of Iran is proof of how much GOOD there is in the world. AND it also shows how much can be done when good people join together in a common cause. We are far more powerful than we have been taught to believe. Some powerful pots here Alex. Thanks my friend. Hugs, Robin.

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