Young Powerhouse . . .

Feel downhearted about Humanity?

Think there’s no good reason to hope for the future?

Pretty much fed up with all the portrayals of humans as inept, powerless cogs in a wheel that’s stopped turning?

The three videos in this post should cure you of all those ills!

Thia Megia

She appeared on America’s Got Talent  at 14 year’s old and wowed them!

The following videos show her at 12—amateur videos that capture a Polished Soul showing us how to Live Life!!!

Spiritual Quote:

“We applaud those youth who, in respect of this period, have already engaged in some activity within their national and local communities or in collaboration with their peers in other countries, and call upon them to persevere in their unyielding efforts to acquire spiritual qualities and useful qualifications. For if they do so, the influence of their high- minded motivations will exert itself upon world developments conducive to a productive, progressive and peaceful future.”
The Universal House of Justice, 1985 May 08, Bahá’í Youth of the World

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2 thoughts on “Young Powerhouse . . .

  1. Please understand my friend,that where you find yourself tomorow is a function of the positive decisisions and actions you take today.!

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