Jon Bon Jovi Sings for Iran

In our previous post titled, Playing for Change, there was a wonderful rendition of the song Stand By Me. With the recent violent actions against human rights in Iran, it only seemed appropriate to give you
Jon Bon Jovi and Andy Madadian’s recent version:

Spiritual Quote:

“O God! Refresh and gladden my spirit. Purify my heart. Illumine my powers. I lay all my affairs in Thy hand. Thou art my Guide and my Refuge. I will no longer be sorrowful and grieved; I will be a happy and joyful being. O God! I will no longer be full of anxiety, nor will I let trouble harass me. I will not dwell on the unpleasant things of life.

“O God! Thou art more friend to me than I am to myself.
I dedicate myself to Thee, O Lord.”

— ‘Abdu’l-Bahá               

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6 thoughts on “Jon Bon Jovi Sings for Iran

  1. Yesterday is not ours to recover,but tommorow is ours to win or lose? ILoved the old song stand by me..for many years,we all need someone to stand by us,wonder who huh??

  2. Excelent songs and music..first playing for change then a addition with a new sentemantal journey of of selection to listen to J.Bonjovi & Andy Mandadion of the song stand by me..truly very great songs.
    A comment..
    The world cares very little about what a man or women knows;it is what the man or women is able to do that counts.!

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