Playing For Change


Not gonna say much this time…

Want to {always want to} encourage and uplift…

Can you remember?

Singing your troubles away…

Dancing through the pain…

Loving because You  are Love

Let’s join musicians around the world and
Be the Change

All these videos are from Playing for Change:

Stand By Me

One Love

Don’t Worry

Spiritual Quote:

Henceforward we shall always be together, heart and soul and spirit, pressing forward in the work till all men are gathered together under the tent of the Kingdom, singing the songs of peace.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 40

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11 thoughts on “Playing For Change

  1. i understand and i am sorry for your past suffering. is it possible to have the depth of your sensitivity, the expanse of your heart, without having suffered?

    perhaps but then again, “our pain is the breaking of the shell of our understanding” Kahlil Gibran

    getting to know you touches my heart,

  2. Dear Alex, You KNOW I love this post. But I’d only seen the first video so I am about to watch the other two. I was thrilled to see them here.

    More importantly, I LOVE your quote on love. “Loving because You are Love…”

    WOW!!! Now that I seriously relate to and understand. I was thrilled to read that this morning. Yes!

    Also, re: pain and suffering. It was the same for me. They were my most powerful, all consuming, demanding my FULL attention, demanding that I awaken…fully. They were ruthless (in a powerful wonderful way) that made a clean sweep of my soul, like heavy rain cleaning the forest. I no longer consign my painful times to a negative context. It’s ALL Life.

    Thank you my wise friend.

  3. That was so inspiring! Thank you. I was sitting here feeling alone and sad. These videos reminded me I’m not alone and need not be sad.

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