We Really Are One Big Family

RwandaOne of the comments to our last post, from a good friend of mine from Japan, said I was being “timely” in posting about Women, Rights, and Water; then, she left a link for a delightful video which is below.

The video made me review my understanding of the
Millennium Development Goals.

Don’t know what they are?

They’re a huge commitment by lots of people to resolve a host of Our Family’s problems…

Below is a list of the goals and each listing is a link. Check out the one that attracts you most… Then check out the rest so you can tell others about them!



Spiritual Quote:

“The modern national state came into existence as a unifier of diverse races and peoples. It has been a social truce observed by or enforced upon communities previously separate, independent and hostile. Historically the nation represented a great moral victory, a definite and important stage in human progress. It has raised the condition of the masses of people, substituted constitutional law for the arbitrary authority of the tribe, extended education and knowledge, mitigated the effect of sectarian disputes, and enlarged the social world of the average man. It provided conditions under which natural science could develop, inventions be put into operation, and industrialization give man mastery over nature.

“The new powers and resources made possible by the nation could not be confined within the national boundary but produced an internationalism of cause and effect in social relationships which no nation could control. The national state has reached the limits of its development as an independent, self-directed social body. A world science, a world economy and a world consciousness, riding the wave of a new and universal movement of spiritual evolution, lay the foundations of world order. Conceived of as an end in itself, the national state has come to be a denial of the oneness of mankind, the source of general disruption opposed to the true interests of its people. From the depths of man’s divine endowment stirs response to the affirmation of oneness which gives this age its central impetus and direction. Society is undergoing transformation, to effect a new order based on the wholeness of human relationships.”
Bahá’í International Community, 1947 Feb, A Baha’i Declaration of Human Obligations and Rights

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6 thoughts on “We Really Are One Big Family

  1. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for a wonderful post. A fabulous testimony of human love and care in the world. No sleeping in the pew! The ending of the quote from the Baha’i International Community reminds me of the lesson offered Saturn in Virgo…. a society based upon the wholeness of human relationships……that is a goal definitely worth working to achieve.


  2. Hi Dear Alex, You have some highly important posts here. I’ve just been scrolling back through several of them and am proud of you for making us all more aware. I’ve was watching the Bibi trailers and reading about women and water, which I’ve previously read about. So it was so good to see it here. I am humbled by your commitment to awaken those around you. You are one person making a difference. And I am deeply grateful as well as proud to know you and connect. Hugs, Robin

    • Let’s keep the praise-ledger balanced, sister…

      “You have some highly important posts here.”

      Yeah, well what about your posts on Naked in Eden?

      “…am proud of you for making us all more aware.”

      Ditto, sweetie!! You’re the Goddess of Awareness!!

      “I am humbled by your commitment to awaken those around you. You are one person making a difference.”

      Hmmm… I’ve noticed your commitment to awakening. And, between you and me, there’s two of us making some kind of difference…

      “I am deeply grateful as well as proud to know you and connect.”

      I’m so grateful and proud of you that I’m bestowing you with the Magic Bunny Award!!!

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