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Nationally Recognized Café Will Keep The Doors Open For Three Days Straight

It may be the end of the line for Java Street Café in Kettering, Ohio, at least at its present location. Grabbing attention from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and three local channels back in March for taking all the prices off the menu, even showing a steady 13% increase in sales since that bold move, hasn’t been enough for the landlord. The Café is slated to close its doors at 6pm, Saturday, April 11th.

“The new policy has been a success.”, says Sam Lippert, the owner, “Unfortunately, we have obligations, including back rent, from the old business model that seem to be derailing the whole thing.”

Lippert had hoped that, with the success of the new business model, the landlord, B. R. Kettering Towne Center, LLC, located in California, would be convinced to have a little more patience. “It obviously didn’t work”, said Lippert, “I was informed that I had to leave the premises to avoid legal action. Even though my sales are climbing, I’m out of resources. I need to make the new business model as plain as day with the numbers I have. Then, I need about $40,000 to pay my obligations, secure a new location, and get rolling again.” Sam continues, “What I’m doing here has touched people from as far away as Toronto and Salt Lake City, has sparked interest in the business community, and is still expanding its presence in the blogosphere. It would be a shame to see it come to a complete end before it has a chance to significantly prove itself.”

So, from 7am on Thursday, April 9th until 6pm on Saturday, April 11th, Sam will keep the doors open for business. He said, “This continuous operation, 24/3, will be our Wake for this incarnation of Java Street Café. It will also help me make payroll and raise awareness about the “Fair Price” business model. I may be under the gun right now, but this business plan works and I’m going to do everything I can to make it keep happening.”


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One final thought:

Incompetent bankers can get billions. One ethical, main street
business man finds it extremely difficult to find thousands…

Spiritual Quote:

“In collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the European Bahá’í Business Forum, a voluntary association of Bahá’í business professionals, recently produced a joint working paper entitled “Socially Responsible Enterprise Restructuring.” The report has served as a basis for several training sessions organized by the ILO and has been disseminated to governments, employers associations and workers’ organizations throughout the world. The European Bahá’í Business Forum has also conducted a series of seminars on business ethics in eastern Europe and has formed an educational partnership with AIESEC, one of the largest organizations of business students in the world.

“As a practical step in contributing to a dialogue about development and social transformation that explicitly takes account of spiritual values and perspectives, some 100 influential development organizations, international and government agencies, religious representatives, and academics recently gathered in New Delhi to participate in a colloquium on the theme of Science, Religion and Development. The primary goal of the event was to explore how a unified interaction between scientific methods and religious insights can promote the building of human capacity, particularly in the areas of governance, education, technology and economic activity. The event was organized by the Bahá’í community of India and the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, a research agency of the Bahá’í International Community. At the global level, Bahá’ís have also been involved in the very constructive World Faiths Development Dialogue between the World Bank and major religions.”
Bahá’í International Community, 2001 May 28-31, Overcoming Corruption in Public Institutions

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