Human Life and Death


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It’s time for a survey about this life and the next one—or is  there a “next life”—and, is it on earth or not?

Would love to have (and feel a strong need to know) your ideas and opinions about what may or may not lie beyond that moment we call death…

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8 thoughts on “Human Life and Death

  1. Over the years I would hear people tell me that they strongly believed in reincarnation and that they knew, without doubt, that that was what would happen to them when they died. Then during my years in the wild as I went through the most astounding soul journey of my life, I began to seriously look at and see how I felt about reincarnation. After a whole series of visions, dreams and awakenings I realized that it wasn’t about whether or not I believed in reincarnation; it was that I suddenly realized reincarnation would no longer be my path. That I was finally done with birth and death and rebirth and death and so forth. I knew that I’d been through such rigorous changes and awakenings in myself that I was now upon a completely new and never before traveled (by me) path. I had made a huge leap in my soul’s evolution.

    From here on it is all walking into the “unknown”, forever closer to the infinitely familiar and “always known” Love. I live each day as if it were my last, as if it would end tomorrow, and yet, I do not believe in death. I simply AM. Have always been and will always BE. I realize that all this is contradictory, Alex, but it is all part of the “same”.

    I hope to write more about it in my second book. As it was and still remains a truly remarkable journey. And someone asked me why I don’t now write about such things on my blog, and I told them that I was so content just “being” that I felt no need to write about it. Again, the contradictions that may not make any sense to others.

    Thank you for your inspiration my friend.

    • I don’t see your statements as “contradictions”, Robin. To me the spiritual life always flows through what I call Rational Paradoxes–seeming contradictions that actually have rational resolutions; that is, if we embrace them, not in the spirit of either/or but the spirit of both/and.

      I truly do hope you find it possible to address these issues in your blog.

      To my other readers:

      Give yourself a spiritual treat! Visit Robin’s blog:

    • I don’t see it as a contradiction–I see it as something that is difficult to work around if you think the logical rules we inherited from Greece are the only valid way of understanding anything. I think truth is better expressed poetically, as you have tried to do, than logically, as so many others have tried and, in my opinion, mostly failed.

  2. I’ve had dreams about my past lives. Speaking and understanding a foreign language (only in the dream) but the mirror reflection looks different. I knew then I was looking at a past life!

    I also read somewhere of a boy who was the father’s father. Could be the only reason why the boy knows so much of his father’s childhood. The boy refuses to sit anywhere except at the chair where the boy’s grandfather used to occupy at meals.

    • I find your comment very interesting…

      I had a phase in my life when I did what used to be called past-life-regression. I “identified” three strong “memories”.

      Over the years since, I’ve come to see these experiences more as a deep response from my collective unconscious than as any “proof” of actual past lives…

      It all is totally fascinating though!!

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