My Rant About A Rant…


Josh and Marie at the Café:

M: Been listenin’ to Ryder and Baxter on KROQ about Christian Bale?

J: Ah… No.

M: Too awesome! They got this remix of him blasting some guy on the crew of Terminator: Salvation.

J: Remix?

M: Yeah, they took Bale’s rant and mixed it with music and it’s kinda like a musical ode to the word F__k !!

J: How… interesting… Gotta go, Marie…


Some people…

Some ideas…

Sometimes I feel like exploding…

So much wrong and some people invest in being more wrong with some crazed idea of social acceptability…

The Movie.

The actor and his story.

The Remix of the Rant. {Caution: liberal use of the word, “F__k”}


While all this ranting about a rant in an industry that has become a rant of itself is happening, other things are going on that for various perverted reasons are receiving almost no attention. Here’s a very sad example:

Spiritual Quote:

“This same force […capacities to love, to forgive, to create, to dare greatly, to overcome prejudice, to sacrifice for the common good and to discipline the impulses of animal instinct ], that operated with such effect in ages past, remains an inextinguishable feature of human consciousness. Against all odds, and with little in the way of meaningful encouragement, it continues to sustain the struggle for survival of uncounted millions, and to raise up in all lands heroes and saints whose lives are the most persuasive vindication of the principles contained in the scriptures of their respective faiths. As the course of civilization demonstrates, religion is also capable of profoundly influencing the structure of social relationships. Indeed, it would be difficult to think of any fundamental advance in civilization that did not derive its moral thrust from this perennial source. Is it conceivable, then, that passage to the culminating stage in the millennia-long process of the organization of the planet can be accomplished in a spiritual vacuum? If the perverse ideologies let loose on our world during the century just past contributed nothing else, they demonstrated conclusively that the need cannot be met by alternatives that lie within the power of human invention.”
The Universal House of Justice, 2002 April, To the World’s Religious Leaders, p. 3

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