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Due to recent world crises and the important information it contains, this post will stay up till Sunday, 18 January.

Emory and Suzanne at the café:

E: World Religion Day? Come on, get serious.

S: I am serious, Emory, I want you to come to the gathering.

E: Sorry, I don’t think religion has anything that will help with the problems going on in the world right now.

S: Why not?

E: Well, for one, they’re all fighting each other. How can rabid religionists help establish peace?

S: I’m talking about real religion, the kind that induces love and unity.

E: Where does that exist?

S: Come to the gathering and you just might be surprised…

E: Who else will be there?

S: Tom, Elaine, and Pete; Christian, Jew, and Muslim…

E: Well, it might be fun watching them argue themselves into a frenzy.

S: I’ll bet they all get along and that you learn something that can help in your work for peace.

E: I’ll take that bet. In a way……… I actually hope I lose…


Emory will go to the gathering for World Religion Day and he will lose his bet. He’ll also learn that the core of all true religions are the same and all guide humanity to the road of peace and tranquility.

There’s a statement made in the Writings of my Faith that, if religion doesn’t lead to love and unity, a person is better off without religion…

In light of that statement, I want to introduce you to a major document that was sent to the world’s religious leaders, essentially telling them to reaffirm the core beliefs of their Faiths and get down to work helping their followers practice what real religion preaches. This link will let you read and download the document.

Also, in the time remaining before January 18th, you may want to learn more about World Religion Day and various activities that are being planned.

Here’s a video from the site:

Spiritual Quote:

“O ye steadfast loved ones! The grace of God is beating down upon mankind, even as the rains in spring, and the rays of the manifest Light have made this earth to be the envy of heaven. But alas, the blind are deprived of this bounty, the heedless are closed off from it, the withered despair of it, the faded are dying away—so that even as flooding waters, this endless stream of grace passeth back into its primal source in a hidden sea. Only a few receive this grace and take their share of it…

“We trust that in a time to come the slumberers will waken, and the heedless will be made aware, and the excluded will become initiates in the mysteries. Now must the friends work on with heart and soul and put forth a mighty effort, until the ramparts of dissension are toppled down and the glories of the oneness of humanity lead all to unity.

“Today the one overriding need is unity and harmony among the beloved of the Lord, for they should have among them but one heart and soul and should, so far as in them lieth, unitedly withstand the hostility of all the peoples of the world; they must bring to an end the benighted prejudices of all nations and religions and must make known to every member of the human race that all are the leaves of one branch, the fruits of one bough.

“Until such time, however, as the friends establish perfect unity among themselves, how can they summon others to harmony and peace?”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, p. 277

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