Are You Hungry ?

gluttonFrom “The $700 billion bailout package for Wall Street recently passed by the U.S. government to mitigate the financial crisis ‘could have wiped out the last traces of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and squalor from the face of the Earth,’ said food and trade policy analyst Devinder Sharma.

So, the financiers who caused the crisis (and made the gap between affluent and squalid wider) are to be preferred over millions of other members of our Human Family?

Where is the justice in this situation?

How long will this assault on virtue and morality continue?

How the hell do the perpetrators of such vile imbalances sleep at night?

It’s become fairly obvious that purely economic or political solutions to global crises don’t work.

From Inter Press Service: Poverty, fuel and other crises all interconnected

From AFP: World finance chiefs grasp for solutions in firestorm

From MarketWatch: Despite Market Rebound, Food Crisis to Follow, Experts Say

From The Financial Times: Global bailouts “second-worst solution” to global crisis

It’s time to realize why these “experts” in global business can’t end our world’s problems.

Spiritual Quotes:

“As the rich man enjoys his life surrounded by ease and luxuries, so the poor man must likewise have a home and be provided with sustenance and comforts commensurate with his needs. This readjustment of the social economic is of the greatest importance inasmuch as it insures the stability of the world of humanity; and until it is effected, happiness and prosperity are impossible.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha’i World Faith, p. 240

“The fundamentals of the whole economic condition are divine in nature and are associated with the world of the heart and spirit…. Hearts must be so cemented together, love must become so dominant that the rich shall most willingly extend assistance to the poor and take steps to establish these economic adjustments permanently. If it is accomplished in this way, it will be most praiseworthy because then it will be for the sake of God and in the pathway of His service. For example, it will be as if the rich inhabitants of a city should say, ‘It is neither just nor lawful that we should possess great wealth while there is abject poverty in this community,’ and then willingly give their wealth to the poor, retaining only as much as will enable them to live comfortably.

“Strive, therefore, to create love in the hearts in order that they may become glowing and radiant. When that love is shining, it will permeate other hearts even as this electric light illumines its surroundings. When the love of God is established, everything else will be realized. This is the true foundation of all economics. Reflect upon it.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 238

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11 thoughts on “Are You Hungry ?

  1. There are 10 ^ 11 Stars in the galaxi.That used to be a huge number.But it’s less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers.The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.!

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  3. What galls me (beyond the entire incident itself) is has anyone seen their so called ‘exit’ packages. You could feed a small island alone on their ‘severance’ package. My tokus, they could easily have given up those financial perks and dumped it back into where it needed to be, but we know how that went!

  4. I know we’re not supposed to become enmeshed in politics as they exist today, but I want to be an educated voter, so I watched the debates. I found it interesting that in the last one, McCain kept referring to Obama’s plan for a tax break for the working and middle class and a tax hike for the richest 5% as “redistribution of wealth.” He repeated it several times, each time as if it were a positively revolting idea.

  5. Correction: Leanne’s blog address is

    I reserved but I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet. Hopefully, that’s about to change!

  6. I felt the same contradiction you mention in this post and when I saw an insightful report by oxfam about the state of world hunger and how even the $12b promised by wealthy governments at the FAO conference in June has not been upheld while governments barely think twice about spending previously unimaginably huge sums to prop up failing banks. I posted about this in my Blog Action Day contribution, check it out.

  7. Justin !

    Thank you for your insightful comment!!

    I took a look at your blog {}
    and am very impressed. Your Blog Action Day post will take rereading and digestion for full comprehension…

    Good blog with great topics!!!

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