Path Toward Peace – Step Eight


Eliminating ignorance & lack of education

God gave us a brain.

I feel pretty certain He wants us to use it.

Even faith needs knowledge to remain strong.

From the Guardian, UK: ‘These pupils face several challenges’

From the Bangkok Post: Education 3.0 Wonderland: The university of tomorrow could be in a virtual world.

From the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation: Veep challenges varsity students to educate citizenry

Since we’re considering Ignorance/Education in this post, I feel a couple definitions are in order:

Ignorance: The lack of knowledge or education

Education: The gradual process of acquiring knowledge

Pretty basic, eh?

Let’s explore the word histories of those two words:

Ignorance: from in- “not” + Old L. gnarus “aware, acquainted with,”

Education: from the Latin term educare, educatus meaning ‘bring up, rear’; linked to educere meaning ‘to lead forth’ or ‘bring out’


Ignorance is lack of education and education is to “bring out” or “lead forth”. Seems to me that there’s something already “in there”  that’s being brought or led out. Certainly, we shouldn’t have a situation where something is stuffed into a person…

Still, far too many people in the world are having what they can contribute to our human family blocked or choked off !

Spiritual Quotes:

“Man is the supreme Talisman. Lack of a proper education hath, however, deprived him of that which he doth inherently possess. Through a word proceeding out of the mouth of God he was called into being; by one word more he was guided to recognize the Source of his education; by yet another word his station and destiny were safeguarded. The Great Being saith: Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”
Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 259

“Strain every nerve to acquire both inner and outer perfections, for the fruit of the human tree hath ever been and will ever be perfections both within and without. It is not desirable that a man be left without knowledge or skills, for he is then but a barren tree. Then, so much as capacity and capability allow, ye needs must deck the tree of being with fruits such as knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and eloquent speech.”
Bahá’u’lláh, The Compilation of Compilations vol. I, p. 247

“Close investigation will show that the primary cause of oppression and injustice, of unrighteousness, irregularity and disorder, is the people’s lack of religious faith and the fact that they are uneducated. When, for example, the people are genuinely religious and are literate and well-schooled, and a difficulty presents itself, they can apply to the local authorities; if they do not meet with justice and secure their rights and if they see that the conduct of the local government is incompatible with the Divine good pleasure and the king’s justice, they can then take their case to higher courts and describe the deviation of the local administration from the spiritual law. Those courts can then send for the local records of the case and in this way justice will be done. At present, however, because of their inadequate schooling, most of the population lack even the vocabulary to explain what they want.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 18

“The cause of universal education, which has already enlisted in its service an army of dedicated people from every faith and nation, deserves the utmost support that the governments of the world can lend it. For ignorance is indisputably the principal reason for the decline and fall of peoples and the perpetuation of prejudice. No nation can achieve success unless education is accorded all its citizens. Lack of resources limits the ability of many nations to fulfil this necessity, imposing a certain ordering of priorities. The decision-making agencies involved would do well to consider giving first priority to the education of women and girls, since it is through educated mothers that the benefits of knowledge can be most effectively and rapidly diffused throughout society. In keeping with the requirements of the times, consideration should also be given to teaching the concept of world citizenship as part of the standard education of every child.”
The Universal House of Justice, 1985 Oct, The Promise of World Peace, p. 3

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10 thoughts on “Path Toward Peace – Step Eight

  1. “…most of the population lack even the vocabulary to explain what they want.” I’m pretty sure, this also inhibits their ability to even know, in certain terms, what they want. This makes them (us, I should say, I speak from experience) more easily led astray.
    This is a crucial matter, now as ever.
    Good post, Amzolt.

  2. Being almost completely self-taught I strongly related to these two powerful lines.

    “Seems to me that there’s something already “in there” that’s being brought or led out. Certainly, we shouldn’t have a situation where something is stuffed into a person.”

    I am not against formal education, but it certainly was not my path. Formal education was so extremely limiting that it left me feeling impoverished and repressed. As a kid I felt like I had entered the dark ages. I was climbing the walls like one imprison. Almost no teacher ever asked me what I thought or felt. It didn’t even occur to them that I might have an opinion. Our collective culture (USA) doesn’t yet see children as fully developed souls who have something to contribute to the positive growth of our culture, the healing of our spirits and planet.

    We are “racists” against children and we don’t even see it. In our own limited intelligence we often do not see the shining intelligence of our children. When a child goes unseen, un-nourished…just like a plant…it often withers and is forced to live at a lower level or consciously suffer the great pain of not being seen. In our own limited thinking we limit our brilliant children.

    I believe VERY strongly in learning and exposing children (anyone for that matter) to situations/stimuli that help expand their minds, creativity and insight and make them hungry to ask questions and seek answers, make them develop a lifelong desire to explore, to know all aspects of themselves and their world.

    We are capable of greatness.

    PS Been to the forum and am trying to post the racism response but having a bit of difficulty. Will try again today or tomorrow. I was honored you ask and loved your comment. It touched me. Thank you my friend.

  3. Robin,

    I, too, struggled with the school system’s idea of education but I’ve never stopped learning…

    Naturally, letting all the world’s children receive an education is quite scary to the entrenched powers. Nevertheless, we *are* progressing toward peace, unity, and tranquility on this, our home.

    The entrenched privileged few will become fewer still…

  4. “Education” is a deceiving term. Education is based on “facts known” and deemed absolute. These unquestionable and absolute facts we have been taught rule our thinking and our lives never to be questioned. Of course the fact is absolute until it is disproven, than the new fact is “absolute”. Absolute facts keep us from seeking and searching for new methods, alternative ways.
    Religious teaching also restricts the individual by enforcing rules and absolute dogma. Of course when one religion disagrees with the concept of another religion, fighting and bitterness occur. Most wars have begun over disagreement of one religion’s rule to another.
    It is ironic that virtually all religions teach meditation. Meditation enables us to be in touch with our spiritual higher power that will guide and teach us. However if our newfound spiritual guide brings new awareness contrary to the old dogma, it is likely called blasphemous or witchcraft. So much for enlightenment.
    “…most of the population lack even the vocabulary to explain what they want.” If there are two people speaking different language, which one should learn the others vocabulary? If the uneducated lack the sophisticated words, doesn’t it behoove the educated to listen and interpret those of the others “language”? Certainly the “others” can express pain, hunger, fear, compassion, need, love.
    Here we have the “head” (educated mind) (ego centered) not the “heart” ( spiritual, love, emotion, compassion, ) (nature centured) ruling our behavior.

    Peace, Bruce

  5. Bruce,

    Thought-provoking comment!

    “Education is based on “facts known” and deemed absolute.”
    Hope you noticed the difference struck between “stuffing-in” and “leading out”.

    “Religious teaching also restricts the individual by enforcing rules and absolute dogma.”
    This happens when humans get in the way of the Messenger’s Message…

    Also, there are certain religious/spiritual “rules” that operate similar to gravity–if you jump out of a tall building, you’ll splat–if you lie and cheat, you’ll end up confused and broke…

    “If there are two people speaking different language, which one should learn the others vocabulary?”
    I feel the goal is a “third” global language…

  6. Be it formal or informal education, it compliments each other. Most of us learned alot but neither have put it into practice nor able to share it.

    In my own words, formal education will enable us to communicate well so as to relate our thoughts silky smooth. Whereby, informal education enrich us with the capability to adobt and see things from different angle as experience enlighten each indvidual in their own way.

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