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atlas with earthYesterday I brought your attention to a remarkable seed-event in the struggle for Global Unity. Today I’m providing more information about it, hopefully to encourage you to let it influence your thinking and feeling in a way that inspires you to take action !

The usual news clips and the usual spiritual quote are not here today. I feel bringing this event to your awareness is the news and your response to it is the spirituality.

Take a little time and re-live the initial dream for this amazing event, the whole event, or some highlights:

Video of Jehane Noujaim presenting her wish for Pangea Day

The whole four hours of Pangea Day

A one hour highlight video

The first twenty five minutes

Here’s some feedback, immediately after the event, from the Pangea Day website:

“The first-ever Pangea Day was a monumental success…People from everywhere tuned in to watch the live broadcast in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro and grassroots events flourished in cities, communities, and private homes.

“The response has been tremendous. Here’s a sampling of the voices we’ve heard from so far”:

“This has been my dream to have such day for years, and today I see it come to reality!”

Farsheed, an Iranian-Canadian ‘global citizen’

“I just stumbled onto the last half hour of the Pangea Day show here in Toronto and am so happy I did…I’m 48 yrs old and got the most wonderful feeling of finally belonging to a community that speaks to and for me…I’m going to check out the web site and find a drum to bang and some people to hug and love!

Ursula of Toronto, formerly of Kircubbin, Northern Ireland

“It’s 4:00 am here and I couldn’t go to bed without writing to you and telling you how beautiful, thought-provoking and deeply moving the experience was.”

Rhea from Chandigarh, India

“Next year – and there MUST be a next year and many years thereafter – please have sponsors everywhere on our planet promoting and advertising this great event and making sure the world watches…”

Barbara, South Africa

“I did not intend to spend hours in front of the TV today but I could not turn it off. You have re-introduced hope in my life, and probably to millions of others today. You gave a gift to the world!”

Lisa, Victoria, BC

“Watching the different stories of people, I see that there is hope and will to come together, to unite. I hope to see Pangea Day every year.”

Nabeel in Karachi, Pakistan.

“We are Islamic people. We’re from Bangladesh. The Pangea Day event was great. We have to say, that was one of the greatest 4 hours of our lives!”

The Khan Family in Quebec, Canada

“I was touched, moved, and inspired. Coming from a third world country, which has a terrible reputation worldwide, where there is an extreme political unrest, suicide bombings all over the town…the events…made me feel a lot better. That maybe there is some hope.”

Fizza in Pakistan

“We started watching the event with the intention to go for dinner at some point… But… we couldn’t leave!”

Ana & Martin in Spain

Here are ways you can take action on the feelings spawned by Pangea day: – The World in Action
Stop the clash of civilizations. Support peace in the Middle East.
Take action 

Charity: Water
Make the right to clean water a reality.
Take action 

Interfaith Youth Core – Building a Global Interfaith Youth Movement
Experience religious pluralism; get involved in an interfaith dialogue or community service project.
Take action 

Kiva – Loans That Change Lives
Lend as little as $25 to an entrepreneur in the developing world today.
Take action – A UNHCR Education and Sports Campaign
Give refugee children worldwide the chance to learn and play.
Take action 

ONE – The Campaign to Make Poverty History
Fight global poverty. Join ONE.
Take action 

United Nations Population Fund
Stand up for women and protect maternal health.
Take action 

The We Campaign – We Can Solve the Climate Crisis
Call on world leaders to prevent the worst consequences of global warming.
Take action 

WITNESS – See It. Film It. Change It
Sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and tell your story.
Take action

Please leave your thoughts and feelings in the Comments.
Let’s have a conversation !

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