Global Unity

Mother of Pangea Day

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The Mother of Pangea Day

Yesterday’s post was about how we can live peace in our daily lives, in spite of the horrific violence and crushing oppression that bedevils us. This post is about how Global Peace can grow from the seeds of peace we sow in our daily lives.

From the San Angelo Standard-Times: 11 DAYS OF GLOBAL UNITY: An introduction

From the Naperville Sun: Naperville artist celebrates common ties by weaving threads from across the globe

From the Washington Times: Time for ‘Global Freedom Coalition’

May 10, 2008, Pangea Day, was historic—a Seed Day in humanity’s growth toward Global Unity—four hours of film, created by individuals around the globe, shared by individuals around the globe. In the words of the creators of Pangea Day: “In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference, and conflict, it’s easy to lose sight of what we all have in common. Pangea Day seeks to overcome that — to help people see themselves in others — through the power of film.”

I covered the event here when it happened but it just seems like a good time to bring it to our attention again . . .

Here’s a video of the first 25 minutes of Pangea Day:

Today’s Spiritual Quote:

“The economic connection between disarmament and development represents only one side of the issue. A spiritual connection also exists. Resources spent for weapons drain not only national treasuries; they also drain the reservoirs of human hope and trust.

“The two issues must be approached in an integrated manner. Not only can disarmament further the cause of development; development can further the cause of disarmament. Indeed, the key to advancing the cause of both disarmament and development lies in fostering a sense of global unity. Unless unity is attained, true peace and security will remain out of reach.
Bahá’í International Community, 1987 Aug 24, Relationship Between Disarmament and Development

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6 thoughts on “Global Unity

  1. I just got an email today that said there isn’t going to be a Pangea Day film festival in 2009. I missed this year’s and had hoped to see next year’s, but now I can’t. 😦 I will have to watch your 25 minute video, and hopefully maybe I can find some other Pangea Day videos on the web whenever I find time.

  2. Tomas,

    Your honoring me makes me realize my humility–I may work hard to post articles but the life-blood of the blog are readers who comment!

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