Who Is Writing The Future ?

It would seem that the Past and Present are just about too much to handle these days. So, who’s writing our Future? Will it just happen? Should it be left up to those who’ve wrecked our past and present?

From Agence France-Presse: HIV-AIDS orphans face life alone in Swaziland

From Unicef: Situation worsens for children as relief measures falter in Horn crisis

From Save The Children: Children living on highways to escape Bihar floods killed by traffic

The children that manage to live through these crises are the ones most likely to affect our future; they are, even now, “writing” the future–in their hearts . . .

And, it’s not just the children who suffer in extremely bleak ways in Africa, East Asia, India, or China that are doing this Writing. Children of the affluent are doing their heart-writing, too.

All these young and mostly tender souls are the Witnesses of our age. Those who live into adulthood are the ones who will, based on their past, decide what’s to be done in a world nearly completely devastated by near-term crises.

Children have always been the Future. Too bad I won’t live to see the remarkable achievements of the future adults who overcome our mistakes and build a new world on the skeleton of what we’ve left them.

Today’s Spiritual Quote comes from a document that evaluates the Twentieth Century:

“…the deliberate extermination of millions of helpless human beings, the invention and use of new weapons of destruction capable of annihilating whole populations, the rise of ideologies that suffocated the spiritual and intellectual life of entire nations, damage to the physical environment of the planet on a scale so massive that it may take centuries to heal, and the incalculably greater damage done to generations of children taught to believe that violence, indecency, and selfishness are triumphs of personal liberty. Such are only the more obvious of a catalogue of evils, unmatched in history, whose lessons our era will leave for the education of the chastened generations who will follow us.”
Bahá’í International Community, 1999 Feb, Who is Writing the Future: Reflections on the Twentieth Century

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13 thoughts on “Who Is Writing The Future ?

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  2. ~Alex

    It is unfortunate, but is as it’s always been. Within every generation there is but few who seek to move forward from
    the bonds set before them. Indeed it is this process that facilitates the need for forward thinking and hope, your very faith is a creation of this process. So you must continue to hope, and share, and ,teach,. In so doing by some small measure you may help to write a better future, even if it be for only one who would share what they’ve learned with another.


  3. Alex,
    This reminds me of the quote, “The sins of the father are visited on the son.” So much of what is happening is a direct consequence of what was done behind closed doors, over a handshake, cash, arms, oil, power plays, etc. Children are our future and we have to do everything in our power to protect them.

  4. I don’t want to seme like the wet blanket in the crowd,, and not to take away form the devastation these poeple and countries are going through, but has anyone ever thought to tell them about birth control.

    I know it will not solve every problem, I mean come on, look at our country and how many babies dadies are walking around. My sister had a friedn of hers back in Michigan and all three of her children were from three different men. And we are supposedly educated.

  5. Danette,

    You’re not being a wet blanket. I welcome reasoned discussion–kicking the tires–plus, discussion is critical for understanding…
    Two things I’m sure of:

    * When the education level is high in a country, the birth rate is lower.
    * When the infant mortality rate is high, the birth rate skyrockets.

  6. First time I discover your blog Amzolt, and I appreciate the way you introduce problems and address them.
    Unfortunately, I cannot share any link of your blog with my Chinese friends (yes, I live in China) –though I would be happy to do so– for I cannot access the “wordpress” blogs without an anonymizing proxy. Do you have any suggestion for me to share the content of your entries? Would it be ok if from time to time I would copy and paste your entries to share them in another way?

    Please, if you have or anyone else has any suggestion on that, I would love to hear them!

    Thank you!

  7. Some people view the past, present and future as the same thing, fragemented by the human mind in ways that enable it to grasp concepts. If you choose to beleive everything is available all of the time and everything is also happening simultaneously, then your perspective of time and its meaning in your life also changes.

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