Rationale for This Blog

thinking  If you’ve been here before you know Our Evolution is a process of bringing together News Items, Personal Commentary, and Spiritual Quotations to Explore the Crises of our time and provide a forum for Discussion and Reflection.

The comments you add to blog posts are the life-blood of Our Evolution !

The more we all discuss the issues, the more we can help relieve the suffering and heartbreak of the fellow members of our Human Family…

Alexander M Zoltai

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Getting back to normal after a major crisis takes time

“Let it ever be borne in mind that we earn our victories through test and trial; we turn crisis to the advantage of progress by seizing the opportunity it provides to demonstrate the viability and winning power of our principles.”
The Universal House of Justice, Ridvan 150, 1993

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12 thoughts on “Rationale for This Blog

  1. Let the moving waters calm down,and the sun and moon will be reflected on the surface of your being.
    The signifiance of one’s birth is irrelevant,it’s what you do with your life that makes you who you are.

  2. Well, I came prepared to comment and Catherine has yet again left me speechless and said things in my own heart! You have a winner with her here Alex. You two make a great tag team. You ought to do a joint post or an interview or record a discussion together. It would make for a reading!!!

  3. To me, each human being is meant to do the best that he or she can with the circumstances that present themselves each moment. As we learn to view difficulties and even hostile people with gratitude, each is an opportunity to practice patience and to discover rare and valuable occasions to develop qualities and abilities we had forgotten we have.

  4. Liara,

    My best reply to your valuable comment is a quote from my Faith’s Writings:

    “I hope that thou hast abandoned all such mortal things, and when thou hast attained to this great bounty, that is, when thou art delivered from the attachments of this mortal world, and hast intended to endure all calamities in the path of God — in such wise that reproaches on the part of the enemy will seem to thee as praise and glorification, and the blame of the people of hatred will appear like unto admiration and applause, and the bitterness of afflictions will taste as the honey of favor and all hardships be as sweetness — then canst thou step into the path of the Kingdom and become the herald of God.”

    (Compilations, Baha’i Scriptures, p. 454)

  5. Amzolt, your references reveal you draw from extensive knowledge. Each human being takes on the character that he or she has adopted throughout earthly life. One belief system suggests for those who communicate with dwellers in the afterlife, that earthly religious views do not determine spiritual status or awareness in the Beyond. Even many an avowed agnostic has attained higher awareness than individual churchgoers who neglected application of ethics in their lives. It is not what you say so much as how you live that determines whether and how you evolve.

  6. Liara,

    I was hoping the quote I supplied would be seen as echoing your previous comment.

    Maybe I chose the wrong quote for you?

  7. dc,

    Glad you found value in the quote!

    I’m finding, as the community of this blog grows, more synchronicity seems to be happening…

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