Naked In Eden

Robin Easton

Robin Easton: Author . Speaker . Environmentalist . Musician . Adventurer

Today I honor women by honoring a woman–that’s how it starts: honor the ones you know and it spreads–a sea of acceptance and support.

I published the major portion of this post back in April but I’ll lead with a few fresh news items:

From Cleveland Indy Media Center: Towards Women’s Liberation

From the Rebel Yell: Self respect is crucial for women’s equality

From the American Thinker: They Hanged Her for Teaching Love

I’ve done, as a man, many things “only” women do: cry, have deep concerns, love flowers, hug trees, and leave my ego behind to relate to children…

Robin Easton, as a woman, does many things “only” men do . . .

Here’s the link to her blog.

Check out her Immense Spirit !!!

“Ere long the days shall come when the men addressing the women, shall say: ‘Blessed are ye! Blessed are ye! Verily ye are worthy of every gift. Verily ye deserve to adorn your heads with the crown of everlasting glory, because in sciences and arts, in virtues and perfections ye shall become equal to man, and as regards tenderness of heart and the abundance of mercy and sympathy ye are superior’.”
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 182

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9 thoughts on “Naked In Eden

  1. I don’t think you could have picked a better woman to honor. I recently “met” (via sites) Robin too and although we are all perfect and amazing beings, she is just one of those who and whose energy and presence really stands out!

  2. Evita,

    Yes! We are all “perfect and amazing beings” yet I feel there’s a factor of development or externalization that makes certain beings’ vibrations more penetrating, eh?

  3. Oh my word. You’ve no idea what this means to me. I had a rough day and just came here and saw this. Haven’t been able to be at my desk much today. There is really is something about having someone else see you. Even if you see yourself and you’re really happy and in love with life…to have someone out of the blue say (either with words or actions). “I see you and honor who you are.” That always moves me to tears and makes me just LOVE the human spirit in us that wants to connect and let other know we see them. I find that terribly endearing and precious, an enduring quality of the human soul.

    I am very very honored as well as touched by all the comments here. There truly are some wonderful people who comment here, Alex. Of course I always love your comments Alex and your little notes, and I’ve loved Catherine’s beautiful comments, quotes and insights here. And then I’ve connected with dear Evita who hops around the internet leaving love everywhere she goes, such a gentle wise soul. Like you Alex. No wonder she is here also. Thank you Alex and friends so much for making this day very special. I feel a bit like you all planned a surprise birthday party for me….(laughing) and it’s not even my birthday. Love to you all, Robin

  4. Robin is a terrific writer,and I truly appreciate her input and comment as well,about me,and thank her for that,how kind of her.!

    Here is what I would like to reply to the both of you.

    Women have strengths that amaze men.
    They bear hardships and carry burdens,
    but they hold happiness,love and joy.
    They smile when they want to scream.
    They sing when they want to cry.They fight for what they believe in.They stand up for injustice.
    They don’t take no for a answer,when they believe there is a better solution.They go without,so their family can have.
    They’re heart breaks when a friend dies.
    They love unconditionally.

    Women come in all shapes,sizes and colors.
    They have compassion,and ideas.

    However,if there is one flaw in is that they forget their
    true worth.!!!

  5. WOW!!! I just read this comment of Catherine’s and it blew my mind. It’s BEAUTIFUL and SOOOOO true. The punch line is the kicker. It made me wonder if women forget their true worth because over the centuries they’ve been repressed and not acknowledged, so in a sense they forget their own worth. Although women compliment other women at times…maybe there is something to be said for the fact that on an enrgetic level (in terms of balance) they also need that acknowledgement from men. I’m not saying that men don’t give compliments, although I’ve had several male friends tell me it is very hard, if not impossible, for them to do. I’m also not saying that woman throughout history and today aren’t self motivated, independent, powerful, completely capable and so forth. Many are. I’m just wondering if more men were doing what Alex is doing here that women would more readily rise up out of the mindset of “forgetting their true worth”. I don’t know…the thought just rose when reading Catherine’s poem.

    Thank you Catherine for SUCH a lovely peice and for your kind kind words. I’ve enjoyed your lovely soul here. It’s a gift to me and Alex and his other readers. And Alex thank you for being a man on the planet that sees and cares deeply and isn’t afraid to express it.

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