Exploitation Is Rape

People, traditionally suppressed in their complaint about exploitation, are rising up !

From CommonDreams.Org: Chevron Lobbyist: ‘We Can’t Let Little Countries Screw Around With Big Companies’ “Chevron Hires Lobbyists To Squeeze Ecuador in Toxic-Dumping Case”

From OneWorld.Net: Activists Applaud India Coke Plant Closure “Coca-Cola has shut down its bottling plant in Sinhachawar, India following a vigorous community-led campaign that protested the factory’s illegal occupation of land and exposed its “shocking” levels of pollution, reports a local corporate abuse watchdog.”

First men, then corporations run by men. First women, then mother earth

What supports us as a human family has been and is being raped. People with no discernable heart are walking on our hearts with filthy, greedy boots.

The little “boy”, who used to dote on his “mother” and was her pride and joy, has reached “adolescence” and is threatening to sever relations with his best support.

Thank God all this is relatively temporary: people are rising up and saying no, mother earth is showing us some tough love, corporations that used to be free of opposition are facing tough times.

I feel today’s quote will add perspective to the issue:

“A candid acknowledgement that prejudice, war and exploitation have been the expression of immature stages in a vast historical process and that the human race is today experiencing the unavoidable tumult which marks its collective coming of age is not a reason for despair but a prerequisite to undertaking the stupendous enterprise of building a peaceful world. That such an enterprise is possible, that the necessary constructive forces do exist, that unifying social structures can be erected, is the theme we urge you to examine.”
The Universal House of Justice, 1985 Oct, The Promise of World Peace, p. 1

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4 thoughts on “Exploitation Is Rape

  1. Your outlook on it much more optimistic than mine.

    I pray these are growing pains and not warning signs.

    At the very least, I notice wealth being slowly transferred to more liberal thinking people who are re-appropriating it.

    But the current level of poverty on the planet is still mind-numbing.

  2. Marc,

    Thanks for a perceptive comment!

    My optimism is based on the process of restoring fairness and equity taking a long time.

    You could call it faith in our future. There will be much more pain and suffering before things are set right.

    Still, it’s the faith and optimism of Today that makes Tomorrow glow!

  3. I read you’re Evolution today, about rape…

    No matter which kind of rape it is in reference to…thought perhaps that when time allows you to check out, what a lot of people aren’t aware of at this present time, but maybe a few have heard of it. What has been happening in the Congo, Africa… There have been women and children who have been raped and killed through the years to the present, as young as four years old and as old as in their eighties. More have been killed there then in the entire war of Iraq, and no one has done anything about such sad happenings, very disturbing and even more heart breaking, watched 20/20 Sunday eve. and was totally horrified to see all this on T.V.

    It started up and brought the past flashing right in front of my eyes, about what I never wanted to think or talk of ever in my life. Everyone knows that in any kind of war women get raped, oh yes, but for me it was a flash back from the second WW, having had to witness as a child my own Mother having been raped!!

    Also all books had to be burnt, for such I state there are worse crimes than burning books, one of them is not reading them!

    Including also that one ought to never look down on anybody, unless one is helping them up!

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