Money and Value

Money doesn’t always equal value.

These news items are about the United States but what’s happening there is impacting the global economy . . .

From The New York Times: Worried Banks Sharply Reduce Business Loans “Banks struggling to recover from multibillion-dollar losses on real estate are curtailing loans to American businesses, depriving even healthy companies of money for expansion and hiring.”

From the Economist: Inflation or deflation? “The markets have become incredibly volatile as investors vacillate between these outcomes.”

From the BBC: Record deficit for next president “The next US president is expected to face a record federal budget deficit of almost half a trillion dollars.”

Economics used to seem as opaque as metaphysics to me. Then, as I hit the middle of middle-age, it became apparent I was studying the economics that businesses use, that nations use, that politicians manipulate.

The economics that has squandered vast quantities of non-renewable resources.

The economics that keeps certain people away from creativity, away from a decent livelihood.

The economics that spawns wars and utterly brutal treatment of innocent civilians !

I don’t want to start ranting so here are some spiritual quotes to ponder:

“The repudiation of national right and power to make war represents the first step toward mutual wealth and sound economy. Short of a world economy mankind will not achieve the fruits of civilization.”
Bahá’í International Community, 1947 Feb, A Bahá’í Declaration of Human Obligations and Rights

“Widespread uncertainty about the condition of the economy indicates a deep disorder in the management of the material affairs of the planet, a condition which can only exacerbate the sense of frustration and futility affecting the political realm.”
The Universal House of Justice, A Wider Horizon, Selected Letters 1983-1992, p. 102

“…participants in the informal sector of the economy, women in particular, must be involved in reconceptualizing economics altogether, both theory and practice. If women have a unique approach to economic activity, it would most likely be apparent in the largely unstructured informal sector of the economy. For example, preliminary findings in an on-going study of women industrial sub-contractors in Malaysia, show that the business objectives of the majority of women sub-contractors are defined not so much in monetary terms as in terms of values.”
Bahá’í International Community, 1995 Aug 26, Women in the Informal Sector in Malaysia

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12 thoughts on “Money and Value

  1. Abraham Lincoln said, “Corporations have been enthroned …. An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people… until wealth is aggregated in a few hands … and the Republic is destroyed.”
    Catherine, the redhead blogger

  2. Thanks for the comment, Alexys.

    This new layout is my personal saving grace in the blogosphere–I have a reason to scan the news, I’m able to sharpen my commentator skills, and I love doing the research to find spiritual quotes to tie it all together…

  3. Hi Alex – well I am back from vacation and starting to catch up on my reading!

    I agree greatly that money does not always = value. The first thing that popped into my mind when i read this was the high end world designers. You can pay $1000 for a designer shirt or $20 from a local retailer and what? You still have a shirt and in no way the one for $1000 is going to outlast the one for $20 – so in terms of value that seems a really easy example for me.

    Some people in our world have become obsessed with designer names and spend tonnes of money and do they get more value – I don’t think so.

    Now if we think of the 101 ways that money could be put to better use…

  4. Deeply enlightening post!

    I’m glad i found this site. I mean “Our Evolution” Yes!

    in your blog poat it said “…participants in the informal sector of the economy, women in particular, must be involved in reconceptualizing economics altogether, both theory and practice. If women have a unique approach to economic activity,…”

    This made me think of something that I really really enjoyed and I titled “Reflections”. Recently posted a few days ago…

    Here’s just a snip it.

    “That is the payment I demand. Not many can afford it. I don’t mean your enjoyment, I don’t mean your emotion–emotions be damned!–I mean your understanding and the fact that your enjoyment was of the same nature as mine, that it came from the same source: from your intelligence, from the…”

    to read the quote -

    ~ VO a.k.a Video Optimize

  5. VO,

    Thanks for your comment! Welcome to the blog, too.

    I checked out your site and subscribed in my RSS Reader. Getting ready to incorporate video…

    Ayn Rand ! Remarkable woman!! Her books kept me going in a very dark period of my life.

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