What Are We Fighting For ?

From Yes! Magazine:

“The number of terrorist attacks throughout the world has increased steadily since 2003.”

The Iraq War began in 2003…

That article from Yes! Magazine also talks about more appropriate methods of dealing with international criminals.

There are even well-developed plans for completely non-violent defense of an entire country:

SELF-RELIANT DEFENSE: Without Bankruptcy or War
Download the .pdf

And, for your “everyday” attempts at nonviolence:

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
Download the .pdf

Plus, here’s a spiritual quote to ponder:

“The darkness of superstitions and imitations came and took its place, binding the world of humanity in the chains and fetters of ignorance. Enmity arose among men, increasing to such an extent that nation strove against nation in hatred and violence. War has been a religious and political human heritage.

“Now it is enough! We must investigate reality. We must put away these superstitions. It is a self-evident truth that all humanity is the creation of God. All are His servants and under His protection. All are recipients of His bestowals. God is kind to all His servants. At most it is this: that some are ignorant; they must be educated in order that they may become intelligent. Some are immature as children; they must be aided and assisted in order that they may become mature. Some are sick and ailing; they must be healed. But the suffering patient must not be tested by false treatment. The child must not be warped and hindered in its development. The ignorant must not be restricted by censure and criticism. We must look for the real, true remedy.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 39

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