Peace… When?

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People vary greatly in their beliefs about world peace, from passion so strong it impels strident action to a hopeless blurr when they imagine the future.

Some say man is, by nature, violent.

Others, that world peace is inevitable.

My belief, when I gaze across the stretches of recorded history and see humanity slowly but surely embracing unity of family, then unity of tribe, then village, city, state, and nation, my belief is that unity on the global level will arrive. Not easily nor quickly but as surely as the next spring…

The spiritual quote for today uses the words, “Holy Spirit”.

To give that Title a little more clarity:

“The descent of the Holy Spirit is not like the entrance of air into man; it is an expression and a simile, rather than an exact or a literal image. No, rather it is like the entrance of the image of the sun into the mirror — that is to say, its splendor becomes apparent in it.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Some Answered Questions, p. 105

Here is today’s quote:

“Today the world of humanity is in need of international unity and conciliation. To establish these great fundamental principles a propelling power is needed. It is self-evident that the unity of the human world and the Most Great Peace cannot be accomplished through material means. They cannot be established through political power, for the political interests of nations are various and the policies of peoples are divergent and conflicting. They cannot be founded through racial or patriotic power, for these are human powers, selfish and weak… Therefore, it is evidenced that the promotion of the oneness of the kingdom of humanity, which is the essence of the teachings of all the Manifestations of God, is impossible except through the divine power and breaths of the Holy Spirit. Other powers are too weak and are incapable of accomplishing this.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 11

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10 thoughts on “Peace… When?

  1. thank you for this post, alex. as always, beautiful and inspiring.

    i think it is very important that we constantly think and talk about peace, and meditate on it. peace means harmony, it means nonviolence. in this, all goodness is encompassed. and i disagree with those who say that too much peace would be boring. bring it on, i say, let’s bring on peace, and if indeed it turns out that it is boring and colourless – well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

  2. Your views offer reason for further reflection. It isn’t up to human beings to impose their will on other human beings. Yet, it is up to each human being to take responsibility for raising self-awareness and recognizing that every thought and action affects everything else. In this sense, each person is actually changing the world in steps that are immeasurable, but pertinent.

  3. The logical, human mind is unable to measure the steps necessary to create peace. If peace is invisible and immeasurable, yet like the truth, “felt,” no predictable route will get Humanity to that particular mindset. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, for anything is possible.

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