Health & Well-Being

Very hard to imagine having well-being without having health first.

Of course, there’s a certain strain of human who, blinded by rank materialism, chases a “well-being” that shrivels their soul…

The quote I’ll share today clearly puts the horse before the cart.

I do want to clarify one word in that quote, “Kingdom”. Many folk are biased against that word when used in the context of spirituality. They’re usually correct in fearing the hidden agendas of people who use that word way too often and, unknowingly, for their own benefit.

I’ll clarify it with another short quote by the same Author:

“This will be the paradise which is to come on earth, when all mankind will be gathered together under the tent of unity in the Kingdom of Glory.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 22

“If the health and well-being of the body be expended in the path of the Kingdom, this is very acceptable and praiseworthy; and if it is expended to the benefit of the human world in general—even though it be to their material benefit and be a means of doing good—that is also acceptable. But if the health and welfare of man be spent in sensual desires, in a life on the animal plane, and in devilish pursuits—then disease is better than such health; nay, death itself is preferable to such a life. If thou art desirous of health, wish thou health for serving the Kingdom. I hope thou mayest attain a perfect insight, an inflexible resolution, a complete health and spiritual and physical strength in order that thou mayest drink from the fountain of eternal life and be assisted by the spirit of divine confirmation.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha’i World Faith, p. 376

~ Unleash The Life Within ~

4 thoughts on “Health & Well-Being

  1. People are used to rejoice over the quotes in spite of the fact that the words of wisdom hurt them IN CASE of the attempts to fit the truth to themselves in the concrete.

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