Can You Hear The Crying ?

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There is no doubt that children need our protection !

Certainly in our families and communities but also in our Global Community !!

Abusing children is like spitting on our Future !

I found a site that details statistics on, effects of, and therapy for Child Abuse: .

Also, he has Mindfulness ~ An Inner Resource for Recovery from Child Abuse.

Here are some of Mr. Hooper’s articles:

Child Abuse Statistics

  • Introduction – Unavoidable Controversies & Biases, in Historical Contexts

  • Sources of Statistics – Official Numbers, Actual Numbers, & Estimates

  • Statistics Are Human Creations – Tools to Avoid Being Confused & Misled
  • Official Statistics: International – Includes 2006 United Nations Report

  • Retrospective Survey Research Methods – Tools for Critical Understanding

  • Prevalance of the Sexual Abuse of Boys
  • Child Abuse Effects and Resources for Healing

  • Effects of Child Abuse – Basic Information & Frameworks
  • About Therapy & Recovery – Resources to Inform Your Search
  • Resources for Spouses, Partners, Friends, etc. – Suggestions & Resources

  • Resources for Parents & Caregivers – Books, Videos & Web Resources
  • Additional Resources – Hotlines, Book & Article Suggestions, Web Sites

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Pointers to Helpful Resources
  • Check out our most recent posts, too!


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    17 thoughts on “Can You Hear The Crying ?

    1. I will never understand how people, but especially parents can abuse their own children. So many people want, await, rejoice in having this miraculous being and then at some point along the line put this being through some sort of abuse – whether it be physical, mental, emotional or psychological.

      Too often I think it stems out of this false sense of ownership that parents exhibit upon their children. That is so sad because again you craved this being with all your heart and then once you have it, sometimes, some people take it for granted in the saddest of ways.

      We must realize that whether they are our children biologically or not a) no one has the right to enforce their will upon another and b) we should all care collectively for the children of this world!

    2. Boy, there is nothing I could add here to what you’ve posted or to what EVITA has said. Other than I know there lies within me a fierceness SO POWERFUL to protect children that few would recognize me if I had to protect a child…any child. I am not a mother but I LOVE children and they LOVE me, flock to me, take to me instantly. I understand them because I remember what it is like to BE a child. I know what it’s like to be fully aware, to “see” with eyes and heart wide open in this world. Children ARE God. But then aren’t we all…

      Wonderful post Alex with dramatically moving photos. Thank you for caring this much…thank you.

    3. “Child Focus, or the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, was founded in 1998 by Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer and headed by this person ever since. In 2005, de Lichtbuer became chairman of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), headquartered in Washington and founded in 1999. Who is this Lichtbuer? First of all, he is quite big in the financial world, with former positions in Banque Bruxelles Lambert, the Belgian Bankers’ Association, VP Bank Liechtenstein (with Nikolaus von Liechtenstein), Thomas Cook Traveller Cheques and the European Financial Marketing Association. He also has been executive president of the aristocratic Europa Nostra. But things become really problematic upon reading that de Lichtbuer is a member of the honorary committee of Cercle de Lorraine, together with with Maurice Lippens and Etienne Davignon. Equally worrying is his position as honorary executive president of the Koninklijke Vereniging der Historische Woonsteden en Tuinen van België, together with prince Alexander de Merode (former chair) and Count Ghislain d’Ursel. Davignon used to be a board member too. There’s another indication that de Lichtbuer might not be the best choice for an anti- child abuse organization: 1998, Stef Janssens, ‘The names from the cover up’, p. 33: “In 1989, [Nicolas] de Kerchove d’Ousselghem [CEPIC; chef de cabinet of Vanden Boeynants; contact of VdB to the PIO intelligence organization] and Paul Vankerkhoven, CEPIC member and co-founder of Cercle des Nations [among many other things]… were employees of the magazine ‘Revue Belge’. This right-wing magazine had as manager the present director of the Center for Missing Children and former BBL-director Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer. What in itself is not reprehensible, but does say something about the milieu in which the present director of this Center was involved with.” To clarify, that milieu appears to be the highest level child abuse milieu … ”

        • More info supplied by Jo:

          With pleasure. This information about secret politics, Bilderberg-group, secret phedophiles networks used to blackmail businessmen and politicials and for own consumption, Opus Dei secret child sacrifice, King of Malta-power, secret European Stay-Behind networks, Gladio, … must go around the world … maybe linked with 9/11 … during our Dutroux-case, the Belgium cesspool was opened a little, but with their Absolute Power, “The Organisation” has closed it again, and created “Child Focus” to controle everything again …
          Very interesting and good document website, this

    4. To concsiously send love and healing out into the world makes a positive difference. Situations are healed one person at a time. Every effort and intention makes a difference.

    5. Child Abuse is so wrong! People shouldn’t do that to thier kids. It should be a law for Child Abuse to be wrong. Everyone knows it is going on this second so why doesn’t anyone do SOMETHING!!!! If I had all the money in the world i would put a stop this right now. If anyone out there feels my pain about that and are blessed to have a family out there who cares about you, or if you are someone who has gone through child abuse and knows how horrible it is then stand strong and there will be something done if it is that last thing they do. This isue will be solved and THIS WILL BE OVER NO MATTER WHAT! I know there are people out there who have good hearts and a good head on there sholders who has athority to change things around. Don’t worry this will be stoped. Children shouldn’t have to go through anything like this,it is not fair at all!!

    6. i have to write a pursuasive paper for school i chose child abuse and i think thAT POEPLE ARE REDICULAS THIS IS VERY SADD AND POEPLE SHOULD GET PUNISHED FOR IT

    7. these kind of things shouldn’t happen to children, we are supposed to love them, care for them, cherish them, but people around us abuse these poor children because they have problems that they cannot solve and get overwhelmed. they shouldn’t be aloud abusing their kids, abusers should be found and put in jail for the crime that they did.

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