How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic

“O ye peoples of the world! Know, verily, that an unforeseen calamity is following you…”

Bahá’u’lláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, p. 209


My last post was based on what I consider to be truth. However, one study by one organization may not be convincing to those who (for various reasons…) deny there’s a global climate crisis.

So, to add more ingredients to the soup, here are a comment from one of the world’s most popular blogs,  a complete catalog of responses to denialists from an environmental news and commentary blog, and a link to an actual brick-and-mortar institution that focuses on the earth’s climate.

Cory Doctorow at BOINGBOING:

“Have you noticed that whenever you mention climate change online a bunch of people show up with identical objections — almost as though there was a list of talking points somewhere on the Internet that astroturfers and denialists used to derail discussions of the most grave existential crisis facing the human race today?”

He then quotes GRIST:

“Below is a [set of links to] the articles in “How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic,” a series by Coby Beck containing responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming. There are four separate taxonomies; arguments are divided by:”

* Stages of Denial
* Scientific Topics
* Types of Argument
* Levels of Sophistication

And, for those enamoured by a more scientific approach:

The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization known around the world for its accessible, fact-based analysis of critical global issues. Worldwatch research is the gold-standard for sustainability analysis for decision makers in government, civil society, business, and academia.”

15 thoughts on “How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic

  1. Hi
    I don’t ask people to believe anything.
    I do however, ask them to do their own research.

    I would like everyone to read and understand
    Agenda 21 and Cloak of Green.

    If you still think Global warming is a real threat, so be it.

    Thanks for your time


  2. I just ask people to stop looking at it politically and look at it from a common sense perspective…for hundreds of thousands of years no exhaust, factories, etc. and a population of around a billion. Then in the last hundred years, cars, factories, chemicals and destruction of nature to the nines, not to mention a population explosion of up to almost 7 billion. And the Earth is not going to react to that?

    I know the skeptics will be skeptics and those in denial will be there until they choose to change, but I think it also comes down a lot for people to knowing their science. Most people in our society do not understand how the atmosphere works or the impact basic combustion reactions have on it, so they cannot tie in the ideas and hence choose to stay ignorant or in denial. The reason for this, is of course the fact that IF they should accept climate change then they will have to change their habits and we know how open to change the human race is. Plus it makes a person feel bad and we also know that most people do not like feeling bad and hence if they deny the occurrence then they can pretend it does not exist and hence do not have to feel bad.

    No matter what, human beings today are living SEPARATED from nature not with it and that is our biggest downfall. Whether one believes in climate change or not, there is no way one can dispute that fact. And it is that separation that I believe is bringing about the chaos we are experiencing in terms of weather events and climate shift on this planet today.

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