Verse Seven

This post is the last in a series from my free-to-download book, Is Your Soul In Here ?



Pebbles of sadness
Play in the streets;

Rocks of grim circumstance
Bred them in grief.

Fire and
Pressure of God’s sweet
Decree is the
Crucible making them

Small, perfect
Diamonds are born through
Pearls rise from crushing-dark
Rubies remember calamity’s

Jewels all prove
Spirit’s dread

8 thoughts on “Verse Seven

  1. Oh I love this verse as it completely and loudly speaks to me about resilience! There are so many people in the world that have overcome something difficult only to rise up and become something or someone great to the world. (I am not talking about being famous here)

    While others sit by and wallow in their situations, instead of rising up to the occasion that life is offering them.

    What a motivational and strengthening verse!

  2. Evita,

    This Writer inspired the poem:

    “The heart is like a box, and language is the key. Only by using the key can we open the box and observe the gems it contains.”

    (Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 60)

  3. I resonate with the overall message but don’t sense that all crystals or gems resonate grief. I feel their energy, as positive vibrations of resilience, strength and joy.

  4. Liara,

    I agree that, in general, gems do not resonate with grief.

    The poem is a merging of the physical conditions that form gems, the situation of the pebbles (children) and rocks (parents), and the grace of God, even in trying circumstances…

    ~ Alex

  5. Gems are sometimes considered doorways to other dimensions. Their uses in places like Atlantis and Lemuria reflected they contain incredible power and insight many human beings have not yet tapped into.

    I like your use of symbolism. Its always meaningful to expand my initial impressions of thoughts and images.

  6. In addition, human beings each create their own hardships. A common mindset is to aspire to be more perfect, more highly-valued, almost let’s say, “gem-like.” Life experience teaches people to raise awareness and transcend any false reflections they may choose to see. Each person must learn to love him or her self unconditionally before it will feel like other people cherish them like treasured gems. What self-reflection to you see in a particular gem?

  7. Hi Dear Alex, I was just about to write a comment and then saw that you had already written those thoughts to Liara in comment number 4, so you stole my thunder! 🙂 🙂 AND in doing so it made me smile because I realized we were on the same wave length here. How cool! I found the analogies in this poem touching and just beautiful. Thanks!

  8. Dear Robin,
    Your comment about wavelengths made me stop and think. Then, I clicked your name and was re-introduced to your website and the praises you’ve received.
    So, having you be here and thanking me is a deeply-felt honor!

    ~ Alex

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