Verse Five

This post is one in a series. All poems are from my free-to-download book, Is Your Soul In Here ? I’ll keep the series going as long as interest is shown through your comments. If there are enough comments, I’ll publish them in their own post !



“Back so
Soon with
Scars so
Willing to be
Pressed against the
Edge of

“Howling yet from
Won and
Sacrifice obtained by
Standing in the
Prow of
Life and
Facing every
Tempest hot, I turn
Again and
Lay it down—my
Blood a warming
Storm of

7 thoughts on “Verse Five

  1. It is interesting to read these verses as they remind me so much of how I used to write when I was in my late teens. I had pain in my hear and believed that pain was necessary to experience love – wow have I grown since then. I now know that in cases of pure love – there need be no pain.

  2. “I totally agree with you ! My book records poems from a major transitional time in my life that is still teaching me Love’s Lessons…”

    ~ Alex

  3. There are so many great lines here but this one is STELLAR:

    “Standing in the Prow of Life…”

    You have really lived!
    Your life and wisdom is reflected in your poetry VERY VERY strongly. You whole heart is here. WOW!

  4. “Sacrifice obtained by
    Standing in the
    Prow of
    Life and
    Facing every
    Tempest hot”

    This is the verse that ‘spoke’ to me. An inexplainable feeling captured and explained beautifully – Thank you Alex – Nards

  5. Nards,

    It’s oh, so wild !
    “I” write poetry but never imagine what it can mean to others and it always does mean–so many things, so deeply different–yet, we all dance to the same meaning at depth.
    Must be evidence of a Power far Greater than us or the poems, eh?

    ~ Alex

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