Verse Four

This post is one in a series. All poems are from my free-to-download book, Is Your Soul In Here ? I’ll keep the series going as long as interest is shown through your comments. If there are enough comments, I’ll publish them in their own post !



“Loving her now is
Suffering you say, so
Quit man!”

“Nay, my heart
Cannot, she’s my

3 thoughts on “Verse Four

  1. Wow, I can so relate to this poem. Right or wrong it was how I once felt about someone. I did have leave in the end, but realize that they would still be part of my soul. But that is another whole long story. Your poetry is incedible.

    So good to be back over here. I’ve a had a couple of rough weeks of work and more to come but this is a good break!

    I also realize this poem could be referring to “something” we love and not always someone. It could be my rainforest, the woods, Earth, sweet life itself. Very very beautiful, Alex. Hugs, RainforestRobin

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