Verse Two

This post is one in a series. All poems are from my free-to-download book, Is Your Soul In Here ? I’ll keep the series going as long as interest is shown through your comments. If there are enough comments, I’ll publish them in their own post !


On The Line

Playing a deadly game—
Stakes so high
I gamble my heart.
Anguish loses meaning in
Angst lost in love.
Love—word that holds more
Meaning than it can
Bear—bears up the
Heart that’s forgotten
Suffering won for
Passion’s gesture—
Heart’s most welcome
Resurrections—repeated until…

2 thoughts on “Verse Two

  1. Interesting…I have to say I wasn’t really into the words until I read the part about “love” – how powerful “Love – the word that holds more meaning than it can bear” That alone spoke volumes to me – I love reading anything about love as really …love is all there is.

    But I guess to me this poem appears to be about someone taking the chance to fall in love, trying to comprehend it, perhaps getting hurt, but of course going for more. After all it is in our nature to love, and thus love we seek no matter what price usually comes with it.

  2. Love is indeed very powerful. It teaches us to dissolve any negative energy we might generate when we forget the power of love. Soul love awakens your heart centres.

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