Verse One

This post is one in a series. All poems are from my free-to-download book, Is Your Soul In Here ? I’ll keep the series going as long as interest is shown through your comments. If there are enough comments, I’ll publish them in their own post !



Creeping up a
Hill of life from a
Valley too well-known;
This time, this
Time reach some
Height not leading
Back to have-to;
This time, this
Time free enough to
See beyond these
Patterns locked in
Self so locked in

6 thoughts on “Verse One

  1. All human beings emerge from dust and someday return to the dust of their creator. This cylical pattern reminds each human being that life is immortal. Forms change but the eternal soul continues to evolve and grow at your own pace.

  2. This one is my favorite of all the verses because I can relate to it…finding yourself where you don’t want to be, hoping to be somewhere else but then worrying you may end up back where you started from. There are so few “fearless” souls who truly live; the rest of us regret, lament and “try” to live hoping to do better next time. As creatures of habit, we seldom break free of what is safe in order to attain what may be great or at least different. I struggle everyday “to live” fully, to live a great life, to choose the mountains and not the valleys but yet find myself many times walking the valleys. However, the valleys, too, have greatness in them and plenty to enjoy. Thank you for sharing these. I hope to read more.

  3. Oh Alex, I think this is my favorite. It would take too long here to explain why I relate to it but I love it’s sense of yearning and boldness. It speaks to me of courage, determination, awareness, freedom and the quest for LIFE. It speaks to me of breaking from of old habits, decay and inability to see clearly. It speak of the necessity for great clarity. I LIKE IT!!!!

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