Broken ?

Catch your problems when only a link is broken and the chain of life is still holding


you can ignore the signs and face this :

“It’s all broken,
Even though there’s
Time, more
Chances, more

It’s all been broken !

Mending struggles to

7 thoughts on “Broken ?

  1. Your advice offers me two ways of response. I can either muse about the broken link and talk about others in sense of what our life should look like, or admit that my broken link made me the viewer without the right to become the actor on life stage.
    After my trauma I was returned to life again, but since then I am alive just in my dreams- my sickness took me out of life without any hope to enter the world of the healthy again.
    The above creates a problem. It may look that I became just lazy… but do the people in a nursery home too are lazy and silently suffer only because their unwillingness to leave their comfort zone?

    While we can muse about the broken links without stopping, it would be better to talk about the destiny.

    Sorry for the truth of the dependent. While philosophy explores the dreamlands, the disabled do just what their are helped to do. All other plans bring just pain and sorrow for personal sickness. However, did my trauma had though something in common with my consciousness? No, of course. thus my talk about the destiny isn’t just the musing.
    In case some benefactor would support me, I could blog further on, but that would be not the merit of me but the result of free gift that enabled me to move on one more step.
    Catch of the problem and the restoring of the chain are two different things. All I can to do is just to send you my best wishes.

  2. Tomas,
    I’m sure my situation is much less severe than yours but I’ve recently come through some very debilitating health issues. I realized that, even if the medical experts can’t heal me, I’ve still gained a tremendous spiritual boost by dealing with the suffering and letting it “teach me”–binding my life with a spiritual link even if the physical one breaks down.
    I pointed out the necessity of spotting broken links before the whole chain breaks, true, but I’ve yet to mention what to do if a broken link is found. Maybe in a future post . . .

  3. I like this thought. for me it’s over extending that does it. I am trying to learn to recognize overextending BEFORE I get sick from too much demand on me, too many demands on me and too often demands on me. I am so good a “dealing with” that I over extend and do NOT want to do that anymore. I refuse to. Everything can just wait. I used to think that just because I was good at something, coping, dealing, etc. that I should do it. I now know this to be untrue. So now I try as much as anyone can to prevent the broken links from happening instead of living in constant repair/revcover mode.

    Excellent post, REALLY made me think! Thanks my friend!

  4. What a profound picture, post and conversation.

    I personally don’t think that we are ever truly broken, perhaps in the physical but not in the spiritual. Our souls are divine and when there is a problem in the physical, if we could just find the ability to look more within where one can always find the stillness to be, if not find complete healing altogether. But of course in order for this to happen one must first understand and have faith in the power within.

  5. Whenever life experience prompts you to open your senses and your mind, this expands your awareness. Its a real blessing. Many human beings don’t realize everything that happens to them is indeed a blessing. Instead, they are often conditioned to judge what is good or bad, right or wrong. As you evolve to transcend such duality, you begin to see you’re blessed by whatever circumstances you have been given. You have the power to teach others greater love, self-acceptance and forgiveness, by setting an example with your own soul awakening and self-growth.

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