Prayer . . .

Today, I was led to include excerpts on Prayer from various Holy Books and Spiritual Traditions.

Since your comments are the other half of this blog, this author prays you’ll consider these quotes and add your opinions, ideas, criticisms, or feelings.


“He to whom the sanctuary of true prayer is revealed
Deems it shameful to turn back to mere formal religion.”

Rumi, The Masnavi, Vol 1 (E.H. Whinfield tr)

“Take for instance, a cut hand; if you pray for the cut to be healed and do not stop its bleeding, you will not do much good; a material remedy is needed.

“Sometimes if the nervous system is paralyzed through fear, a spiritual remedy is necessary. Madness, incurable otherwise,. can be cured through prayer. It often happens that sorrow makes one ill, this can be cured by spiritual means.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in London, p. 65

“A servant is drawn unto Me in prayer until I answer him; and when I have answered him, I become the ear wherewith he heareth….”

Qur’án 83:28.

“…pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you…”

King James Bible, Matthew

“An offering, consisting of muttered prayers, is ten times more efficacious than a sacrifice performed according to the rules (of the Veda); a (prayer) which is inaudible (to others) surpasses it a hundred times, and the mental (recitation of sacred texts) a thousand times.”

Hindu, Laws of Manu

“Thou hast covered Thyself with a cloud, so that no prayer can pass through.”

Kesuvim (Writings), Eichah (Lamentations)

“For I know words of prayer are effective
with Ye, which tend to a good object.”

The Zend-Avesta, – Yasna