How Does Music Affect You ?

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If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, please give it a go, o.k.?

Those inspiring kids had profound results from relating to music. One important factor was that they all played music. Having grown up in a musical family, I know the power of “making music”. Psychologists and Teachers understand that power, too !

But whether you have music affect you by making it or just listening to it, it does have some rich rewards.

What’s your experience with music?

How does it affect you?

Why do you think music has such effects on people?

Do you dare leave a comment ???

13 thoughts on “How Does Music Affect You ?

  1. Listen man, you really think you’re going to get some sort of response from these SWINE? From these apathetic kids of now-in-day-culture??
    We have banished the way of the Bard with pyrotechnics and high-class gimmicks…music is no longer a fantasy but a function for fucked america…corporations create music for the masses and now we are plagued with corporate creativity being spewed into the gutter of gutless children…
    You ask what’s my experiance with music? What is my experiance with life more like it! My life IS music, I AM music…do we not have vocal chords?! UGH, I DESPISE the phrase, “i cant sing” apathy! such angst against this adoloscent mentality of failure and fear…bred by officers of finance no doubt…yes yes, the golden calf…well my friend who is a seeker for comments and creaitivity i share your lust for life- comment one of my posts! anything! please! I demand something from this community of posts so mundane and immature with sorrow sad poems that speak of lament, WHERE ARE THE LIVERS? drunk with apathy? NOT ME!
    I am a music man, our generations next dylan hendrix morrison diddley dreamer fucking cunt who will revolt against the social norms- without revolution there is no evolution- the mark of inner eccentricity is the mark of inner electricity- the most grotesque is gorgeous- fuck the mother, kill the father, fuck you for demanding a comment, fuck me for seeking soul.

  2. Muisc is harmony and vibration, vibration lets vibrate our soul and puts it into the harmony alike the music is.
    Therefore by meditating use meditation music to put your soul into harmonic vibvrations.

  3. I LOVE music!!!! But most importantly I love happy music! There is a big difference I feel in people who listen to “happy” music vs “angry” music. Even though both can be forms of art, I dare to say that one serves the human soul and being better than the other.

    Music can change an emotion in an instant and has such an amazing power over us. It can make us laugh, cry or all sorts of other things.

    I personally cannot imagine a world without music. But should it go away, there is always the music of nature that is eternal.

  4. Music has been, is and will always be a part of my life. I am a writer of music as well as words. Music soothes my soul and I am so grateful that I have the ears to hear it,the heart to feel it, and the openness to create it.

  5. Whoohoo tercero tak a chill pill… i’m sure u lov music but dude u can’t blame todays society for likin the music they like… I lik music especially CHRISTIAN music but occasionally I listen to “the world’s” music and their r songs that I disapprove of lik songs that say the f word more times than u do talkin about music…

  6. There are wonderful songs that evoke deep feelings of sadness in me because I remember them from traumatic and distressing times in my life.

    I enjoy songs that tell stories, keeping the tradition of story-telling through song, and songs that are inspirational, playful, or motivational. I find soft, soothing, soulful instrumentals great for clearing away negative energies. “Music to my ears” is a subjective experience.

  7. art is an awesome expression of essence-
    good sailing,
    tall tales
    writing legend:

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