The Mother of Pangea Day

Jehane Noujaim

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Well, it’s Saturday evening here, and, for four hours today, I was not really in Kettering, Ohio in my studio apartment. I was in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, London, Dharamsala, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Kigali plus many other venues that sponsored the Pangea Day event.

If you knew nothing about it or want to know more or want to relive the experience, it’s all archived at the Pangea Day Web Site.

In this hopeful talk, Jehane Noujaim unveils her 2006 TED Prize wish:
to bring the world together through the power of film.

And, she did it !!!

Thank You Messages to Jehane Noujaim

“The Pangea Day blog has received an outpouring of thanks to Jehane Noujaim — whose vision was the basis for this unique, inspiring world event — from friends in her hometown of Cairo, Egypt:

“Jehane, this is May El Hosseny. I hope I was in Pangea Day to share my wish, I hope it will come true. I hope one day I can deliver a message or more. Love from the pyramids. Egypt needs people in love to show about true life. Thank you anyway. I’ll do my best to be a film director that can send a message all over the worlddd! Neufo!”

“Keep us close.” — Ismail Barrada

“You give us hope in a world that has so little of it.” — Shahir Maged

“Echta gidden!! Gidden gidden! Ani ani ani!” — Karin El Dib

“Jehane congratulations on bringing the world together, setting an example for people all over the world to get together in an imaginary common consciousness, facilitated by the power of film images and words that resonate. I hope your wish, Pangea Day, becomes an opportunity for people to change from passive recipients of information and images, to agents of change in their everyday lives. Mabrouk, Pangea Day was awesome!” — Karina Shalaby

“Jehane, your wish almost killed me but it was worth it. I love ya.” — Stu your cous

“Jehane, your wish almost killed my husband but it was worth it. Congratulations! What a beautiful day.” — Amanda

“Dear Jehanie, a beautiful job that expressed your wish well — most proud of you! With love and a hug.” — Mom

“Love ya. We miss you.” — Pop

Thanks, Jehane!

Act now.

The following organizations, each with international reach, are making specific calls to action on Pangea Day. Please take a moment to express your voice on an important social issue or fund a life-changing project. – The World in Action
Stop the clash of civilizations. Support peace in the Middle East.
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Charity: Water
Make the right to clean water a reality.
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Interfaith Youth Core – Building a Global Interfaith Youth Movement
Experience religious pluralism; get involved in an interfaith dialogue or community service project.
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Kiva – Loans That Change Lives
Lend as little as $25 to an entrepreneur in the developing world today.
Take action – A UNHCR Education and Sports Campaign
Give refugee children worldwide the chance to learn and play.
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ONE – The Campaign to Make Poverty History
Fight global poverty. Join ONE.
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United Nations Population Fund
Stand up for women and protect maternal health.
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The We Campaign – We Can Solve the Climate Crisis
Call on world leaders to prevent the worst consequences of global warming.
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WITNESS – See It. Film It. Change It
Sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and tell your story.
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