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Peopleized by: amzolt – Sunday, 27 April 2008


Anna is a very special person. A poet who can break every rule while she’s creating new “rules”. A soul-glowing friend who has the voice of an angel !

amzolt: How long have you been writing?

flameoflife: I have been writing since I was thirteen years old. At least that is when I began writing non-stop. I would say about eleven years total.

amzolt: Is it mostly poetry?

flameoflife: I am more comfortable with poetry. Though…I am working on a novel.

amzolt: When were you first published and in what form?

flameoflife: I was first published at the age of fourteen via a self publishing company. I would call it a vanity press which fortunately though at the time was offering a free publication for the duration of one month. The book was entitled Embraced and it was a paperback of poetry.

amzolt: What makes you write?

flameoflife: The flame that sparks the pen.

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