Food . . .

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Food, Crisis, and the Human Spirit.

Just barely getting back my appetite for Real Food (the Hep C drugs really mess with stomachs and feelings for “comfort” foods).

Learning a lot about Whole and Raw Foods.

Some days I’m completely surprised I still have a living body considering the decades of self-imposed abuse.

I must have a soul holding me up . . .

‘Course, there’s food and there’s Food:

“O God! ….Prepare for us the Food of Love! Give to us the Food of Knowledge! Bestow upon us the Food of Heavenly Illumination!”

The Compilation of Compilations vol. I, p. 429

4 thoughts on “Food . . .

  1. Gotta love Real Food. You have my saliva glands going now, I need to run to the store and pick up some more fruits and veggies for the week! It’s amazing what adding some Real Food to your diet can do to both your mind and body…Talk to you soon Alex~

  2. Oh wow! Yes, real LIVE food is SO wonderful. I eat a lot of raw food. Lot of greens. Grow a tiny garden here in the desert in summer just so I can have tons of fresh food. Most people would think me crazy when I wake in the AM and push huge handfuls of mixed greens into my blender, add water and drink it down, but them I LOVE greens and all kinds of raw and whole foods. Good for you. I proud of you. Especially after what you’ve been through with Hep-C medications.

  3. I would much rather eat veggies and fruit. Also; I am interested in organic and raw foods. It’s just finding something that is appealing to the palate. And since I struggle with the eating somewhat. Though yes good whole foods. I know it’s been rough on those Hep-C meds.

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