Naked in Eden

Robin Easton: Author . Speaker . Environmentalist . Musician . Adventurer

I’ve done, as a man, many things “only” women do: cry, have deep concerns, love flowers, hug trees, and leave my ego behind to relate to children…

Robin Easton, as a woman, does many things “only” men do…

“Ere long the days shall come when the men addressing the women, shall say: ‘Blessed are ye! Blessed are ye! Verily ye are worthy of every gift. Verily ye deserve to adorn your heads with the crown of everlasting glory, because in sciences and arts, in virtues and perfections ye shall become equal to man, and as regards tenderness of heart and the abundance of mercy and sympathy ye are superior’.”

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks, p. 182

Here’s the link to her blog.

Check out her Immense Spirit !!!

3 thoughts on “Naked in Eden

  1. I am moved way beyond words. I AM tears. What a kind kind soul you are. I am honored to be touched by such a generous thought-filled heart.

  2. In the short time I have interacted with Robin, I have grown quite fond of her and her blog. I feel blessed that God has brought such a special person into my life, even if it is only “virtual.” 😉

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