Who Am I ?



This blog is a response to some ‘Net-wisdom and the request of a bloggin’ buddy —> reveal more of my personal life.

For ten months, my personal life has been an unmitigated struggle with flu-like symptoms, nausea, muscle ache, bone ache, ultra dry skin, hair loss, exaggerated depressive tendencies, the potential to rage at irritants, and anemia with its consequent fatigue—just a typical response to the drugs that treat Hepatitis C.

What helps me fly above this unequivocal crappiness is, first, my sense of spirituality and my willingness to use the pain and suffering to learn submission to the invincible Power of God.

Second are the Ginseng and vitamins I’ve been taking for ten months and the recent addition of the best whole-food nutritional supplement I can get . . .

You should be resolving at least a fuzzy image of what I’m like by now.

However, as my Supreme Spiritual Guide says, “…music [is] a ladder for your souls…”

~~~Bahá’u’lláh, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 38

So, having my iTunes jacked into my ears is an important part of my spiritual therapeutics.

And, to reveal even more intimate knowledge about me:

My all-time favorite song.

My all-time favorite singer.

My all-time favorite musical group !

Now, I do hope some of you will leave your comments about what all this says about me…

4 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

  1. Wow I’m honered to be comment of the week. I feel your pain as I suffer from RA, fibromylgia, and lessening bone mass in my spine I know the pain and the fog of medications,and the soothing calm of my IPOD .

  2. Elizabeth,
    A poem for you from me…


    Fellow Suffer,

    We sail on wings;
    Wings of loving submission to God’s Will.

    We soar above;
    Above mere physical challenges.

    We float toward Higher Goals.

  3. Hello,

    A while back I started a blog that you were one of very few to respond to. Not only did you respond within a few of the first days of my opening the blog, but you continued to check back consistently.

    Despite the distance and virtual nature of our relationship, I kind of feel like you were there to encourage me in shaping my new online identity.

    Therefore, I thought I should tell you. My efforts have evolved into 2inspire.us. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think. Thanks again for your encouragement of my work and your service to mankind.

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