Lemme Out !


Many aspects of Hep C treatment are positively insane !

Took my Sunday shot to boost my bone marrow’s production of red cells.

(Wednesday is another blood-boost shot plus the Interferon [ Hey, Ma! Look at me shoot up !! ])

See, the Ribavirin I take every day causes anemia.


Muscles always ache; bones do after a shot; crap is what I take; doc claims it’s working. . .


Since the exit’s behind me, I’m just gonna back my way outta this noisome necessity !

4 thoughts on “Lemme Out !

  1. Any substance you ingest to supposedly bring balance to one part of your body will naturally bring desequilibrium to some other area. Trying to control leads to ruin. Its a difficult lesson for human beings to learn. You can allow your life to unfold differently. I recommend you read or listen to “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your life—Living the WIsdom of the Tao” by Wayne Dyer.

  2. To clarify, I didn’t mean to imply that prayer alone would be everyone’s choice. Stories exist of people who have been diagnosed with cancer and who have survived without traditional medical treatment. Combinations of approaches can be desirable too. The important thing is to recognize what works best for you in your heart and mind. Being aware of options is itself a blessing. Opening yourself to choose is how you nurture yourself and deliberately decide to notice things about yourself you had missed before.

  3. Hi Alex. (I hope it’s OK for me to call you Alex, I have read many of your comments on Sophia’s blog.)

    I am sorry to hear about your physical challenges.

    I take the health of my body for granted at this point. I am just beginning, I believe, to bring some awareness to that part of my being, (it really does feel separate to me).

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  4. Dear Suzie,

    Yes, body and soul can feel quite separate–especially when one or both are under stress.

    Still the Soul-as-Rider needs the Body-as-Horse to traverse the Field of Life…

    Plus, calling me “Alex” is cool !

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