Lemme Out !


Many aspects of Hep C treatment are positively insane !

Took my Sunday shot to boost my bone marrow’s production of red cells.

(Wednesday is another blood-boost shot plus the Interferon [ Hey, Ma! Look at me shoot up !! ])

See, the Ribavirin I take every day causes anemia.


Muscles always ache; bones do after a shot; crap is what I take; doc claims it’s working. . .


Since the exit’s behind me, I’m just gonna back my way outta this noisome necessity !

Edification . . .


Oh, SO grateful for the Uplifting Enlightenment of my E-Friends.

Massive proof to me that Soul Rules—never met them in person yet with them in Spirit . . .


With my body so wracked by the treatment to fight Hep C, I work to induge my soul in Seasons of Prayer.


I sent a prayer to Alexys Fairfield from a WebSite I’d discovered.

Not only was she grateful, she posted this:

“Sometimes we need to hear them. We need to see them. We need to read them. We need to feel them. We need to be them.

“They are prayers. Words written to heal our Souls. Words written with a golden pen to infuse a little light into our life.”