Our Bodies…


The lengthy treatment for Hepatitis C that I’ve been suffering through for 9 months has caused a hyper-awareness of the difference between body and soul . . .

One of the best analogies I’ve heard on the subject is:

Our bodies are horses. Our souls are the riders.

2 thoughts on “Our Bodies…

  1. Allow me with all the respect to show you a picture.
    Imagine a car, an old fashion car.The car is our body,the horses are our emotion,our feelings.The driver is our mind,the brain.The passenger is the master,he gives the orders to the driver to drive the car to the right path.
    Unfortunatly the driver most of the times is sleeping,and the horses riding wherever they want,most of the times out of the road.Or the master gives wrong directions to the driver with the same catastrophic results.It happens to all of us more or less.The results are the same.The horses drive the car out of the road,and the car stays with one or two wheels less,and other damages.We are lucky if another traveller find us,give us a hand for repairs,give us some supplies to continiou our journey.The point is that the other time the driver or the master get sleep,we can’t rely on other traveler’s help because our horses maby drop us in a place that nobody cant find us..
    This is an very old picture of what we are.
    Thanks, you have a great blog,keep sharing 🙂

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