Will Power


The drugs I’ve been taking for the last 9 months have caused many changes.

They make me sick; they knock out my energy; they play cruel games with my feelings; they even warp my thinking at times.

I just took a long nap and wanted to go right back to bed till my Will Power said, “Keep Moving!”.

See me move…?

4 thoughts on “Will Power

  1. Ah Alex!!! Do you know how much you are admired my dear? Not only do you have the courage to go through these greuling treatments, you share your very personal experiences with us, and most beautifully, you look to see the good in all the suffering. God bless you Alex!!!!!! And Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I applaud you for having the strength to rise after taking a nap and being tempted to just stay in the bed. I’ve been in that position many times, and many of those times I gave in to the temptation. So keep it up, Alex!

  3. Another AwShucks…

    I’ve actually got a choice:

    * Give in to the drugs power…

    * Use my will power…

    Some days, the decision itself is clouded by the drugs…

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